Saturday, May 26, 2007


To my dear tray of banana muffins,
I return to you with my last testament of the chain of events i recently experienced in the putrid land of Kay El. After many days of utter boredom and cold, i was at my wit's end trying to phoegure out a way to dissipate the monotony and well, live a little. So i whip out my cellphone and called, Eva the Diva.

"That's great! I was just wanting to go to Times Square and was looking for a shopping buddy! I'll pick you up at KLCC."

I love Eva.

No, really.

And thus my day was saved by that wonderwoman of a pal! She was looking for a pair of stage shoes for herself, but my sister and i ended up buying more than she did.

If you need a shopping buddy, Eva's the one to call!

She gave us great feedback and ultimatums to help with purchase related decisions. And we shopped till we literally dropped. I love all the stuff we bought. And Eva made us put them on immediately too! We must've looked horrible. Haha.

By the 22nd hour of that day, I had:
1. A smashing top
2. A pair of shoes
3. A pair of quarter pants

4. A content stomach

Announcement: As many would know, I was waiting on a college's decision to offer me exemptions for credit transfers, but that didn't work out. They offered me admission alright, but no transfers. My parents weren't too happy with this and so I'm not going to college anymore. I'll be in Taiping, doing what i can in church, and mayhaps I'll get back to college hunting soon. It'll be okay, I'm sure. *grins*

To continue the rest of the story, the remaining part of the week was spent settling my little sister down, teaching her how to take the train and bus and showing her around college. I also took her to KLCC! She loved every bit of it.

Somewhere in the week, I talked to Joash about getting a new phone for myself. My keypads were getting a little too hard for typing, so I thought of trading in my Samsung X330 to buy a secondhand phone. Joash swore by his Nokia 3310, the legendary brick of communication devices. *chuckles* But I'd already decided to purchase a second-hand Sony Ericsson K700. Unfortunate for me, the market value for my cellphone had dropped steeply and it would be a horrendous waste to trade it in for less than a hundred dollars. Later, my best friend helped me decide to just keep my Samsung till it gives up its ghost and then get another phone.

However, my sister needed a phone right away and so i bought the SE K700 for 250 dollars (it was going for 320 dollars). And now it rests safely in her pocket ready for communication. CALL HER! *lol*

Before leaving the land of Kay El, guess what i did - guess what i did - guess what i did?? We took a train and a car ride to Desa Sri Hartamas, KL Jam Asia to watch OCEAN OF FIRE at the BOSS_ADDICTION gig! I'm their true blue fan and of course, it helps that i used to be a part of them once! It was so awesome to have had the opportunity to watch them play LIVE again. The last time i saw them, they'd just won the National Asian Beat Championship held in the Rum Jungle last December!

So I cheered them on between 5 to 7.30pm, and won an inflatable synthetic pillow from BOSS too! Lovely souvenir. (I took a lotta pictures on my sister's cellphone, but forgot to bluetooth them over. One of these days, promise.) Right after, I whisked my sisters and myself away to Pasar Seni and weaved through Petaling Street to get to Pudu to catch the bus back home. I spent a wonderful Sunday serving in Shekinah AG Taiping. Nothing like home la. For sure.

It was our Royal Rangers Council of Achievement Day and my youngest sister, Theophile had received several merit awards and a certificate. Coo. Her patrol also gave a special number.

So that was that. And now, off to Genting Highlands! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! Time to meet the Awesome One and more like-minded hearts! It's going to be COLLOSAL!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

KL Log

To my dear array of chocolate chip cookies,

I've been stranded in the strange land of Kay El for exactly a week now. The things i've been made to do, i dare not mention here, less i be blamed for untimely deaths. Even as i type this, i cannot feel my fingers. It's so cold in here. Not unlike a fish would feel in a freezer.

Even the shopping here is scary.

I was looking for a permanent room to stay in with my sister whilst in this strange land. The first house we came across had a sign outside that listed a "Refrigalator" as one of its facilities. I thought to myself: What in the purple supermarket does a refrigalator do? Refridgerate alligators? They eat alligators in Kay El? How gruesome!

On the same sign, it stated that the house had a "friedly housemate". They fry their housemates and advertise how well-cooked they are? Ready to be eaten? Cannibalism! How much more horror can i expect from the land of the twin towers?

We came across another house and went to see the available room. There was a sign plastered on the door. They were charging 56 dollars for carpeted floors. Strangely, I didnt see any carpet on the floor. They actually charge for non-existent, invisible carpets? The schmucks!

I also saw some advertisements for three rooms for rent respectively. When I called they asked me: "Are you Chinese or Naught?" Well, I knew for sure i wasn't a "Naught", but i wasn't exactly a full Chinese either. So i answered, "I'm Mixed. Chinese and Indian." To which they replied, "Oh, I'm sorry. Pure chinese only. Go find another house." The impertinent swine!

I have much more to rant about, but honestly who has the time? Have to adapt to the fast-and-furious culture this strange land has. Everybody's rushing somewhere. They don't stop and smell the daisies, cause heck, there aren't any! No one has the time.

Till my next Kay El log, my cookies!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good News

You who bring good tidings to Zion, go up on a high mountain. You who bring good tidings to Jerusalem, lift up your voice with a shout, lift it up, do not be afraid; say to the towns of Judah, "Here is your God!"
-Isaiah 40:9

It's amazing how much one lost Bible can affect so much of me. I've been trying to survive without my Bible for the past few days, borrowing my sister's pink (don't ask) bible to do quiet time with my Lord. I felt disconnected somewhat, reading someone else's bible, but was immediately comforted when i engrossed myself with his word again.

I could've forgotten that it wasn't mine, actually. Until of course, i stumbled across a favorite verse. A verse I had highlighted in my own bible, in fluorescent orange, with a note or two added next it. It seemed empty and bare in my sister's bible. (She didn't like to color hers.) And strangely, that made me feel uncomfortable and disconnected all over again. It's like having a bad Internet connection and having to establish one over and over again due to its instability. Frustrating.

I miss my Bible. But above all, I miss him. I feel the urge to pray every other minute, now that my bible isn't with me. It's as if I hadn't done something i ought. Or as if there's something else i should do. I'm losing focus. I'm forgetting important things. And I left my blinkin' cellphone in the apartment today! Gah.

Maybe i'll just try reading an online Bible. *leaves blogging window to browse other windows*

*returns excitedly after 15 minutes*

Oh my! OH MY!

I'm so excited! Was just chatting with my sibling and she has just informed me that my Bible has been recovered! It waits for me in Taiping!

Oh my Lord, what good news! I'll be seeing you tonight and i can't wait. And this time, no more distractions.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Joke

Feel like a joke today? *smiles*

me: there once was a lady who had just been divorced. lonely, hurt and full of bitterness, she moved out to the house across the street. one morning, she pulled out the cap of her toothpaste tube to squeeze some onto her toothbrush. instead of toothpaste though, a toothpaste genie emerged.

Joash: wow
that's new
that's fresh

me: haha i appreciate your pun. (i added the genie deal la - gigi rosak tak ada)
anyway (after an hour of sharing his history, the genie said) "...and so Thank you for freeing me from my minty fresh bondage. as a reward i shall grant thee not one, but THREE wishes!"

Joash: HAHA someone in the family didn't brush teeth for ages!!

me: haha the poor woman who had begun hyperventilating, stopped at the very mention of wishes. at this she jumped joyously.
(tell me about it! )
"WEEEEEEeeeeEEEE, Wishes!"
the genie raised his hand to quieten the excited lady. i have but one condition.
the genie said.
"what, what, WHAT?!"

Joash: you're a good story teller

me: (thanks! ) "whatever you wish for, your ex-husband receives thrice as much!"
obviously the woman was hitting the roof la. what with all the hatred and bitterness against her ex and all. the genie disappeared giving he 24 hours to decide her first wish. she didnt deliberate much though. she didnt think much about the condition and called the genie out to wish her first wish.
"Genie, I want a mansion fit for a queen and three more!!"
that's just what happened.
but guess how many other mansions appeared across the street?

Joash: 3?

me: yes, my boy. THREE!
the lady was violent and didnt hesitate to throw plates at the genie. but the genie chided her in return, " I TOLD YOU. WISH WISELY". after settling, the genie was ready to take her second wish.
yet another 24 hours was given to her, and soon she was ready.
"I wish to be the BOSS of my very successful company!"
Unfortunately, her ex-husband became the boss of THREE.
"arrrrgggghhhhhhh!" said the woman calmly, her eyeballs almost popping out of her face.
the genie shook his head in disdain.

Joash: she said that CALMly?

me: (hahaha just checking if you were listening) "silly woman! i shall give you 72 hours to decide your final wish!"
the woman hid herself in the house for 3 days. deliberating and contemplating ideas.
she drew mind-maps, crumpled paper, ate jello, read romance novels, everything a normal woman would do to prepare herself to make a very important decision.
and then.....
she had it.
she summoned the genie and served it a cup of tea.
the genie had a smirk on his face. he actually was writing a paper, on "why women are stupid" and this was his final chapter. the case-study. "this will be a good day," he thought. "My doctorate of geniedom beckons," he continued thinking.
after tea, the lady stood and cleared her throat and said, "dear genie so bright, i wish with all my might...
(can you guess?)

Joash: she wished for 3 husbands!

me: haha no

Joash: I MEAN JUST ONE. that way the ex husband would have 3 HUSBANDS!

me: hahahhahaha
thats actually quite good.
shall i tell you the real turn out though?

Joash: yes you shall

me: (haha though 3 husbands is harrowing enough an experience for a man to ever go through)

"dear genie so bright, i wish with all my might......that i shalt give birth to TWINS, the prettiest in sight!"

Joash: HAHA
so the husband gives birth to 6 babies?

me: ouch, right? he died la in the end.

Joash: hahaaha...

PSSST! Joash is funnier than I. Read his take on life at

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My New Bible.

What a friend I've found
Closer than a brother
I have felt your touch
More intimate than lovers

Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, friend forever

What a hope I've found
More faithful than a mother
It would break my heart
To ever lose each other

Sometimes I wish I was a tad less blind and a little more receptive.

Mom got me a small new bible (after my gigantic one) and ever since, i've been more than engrossed with it. It's like reading it all for the very first time. Maybe i just like new books. Maybe i've just gotten accustomed to the color, the print of my old Bible - that a fresh look seemed more attractive to me. I don't really know.

But his love letters have always been the same. It's rock solid. And I? I, in comparison, am phoeckle and so very phoeble.

Yes, a new bible is a very poor reason to fall in love with him again, but it helped me remember, refocus and recharge. I may be ashamed of this, but it just demonstrates how truly beautiful he is.

Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

It breaks my heart to think that he had waited for me every night at our local coffee place (.g. Olden Days Kopitiam), ordering a drink for two and my favorite dish (e.g. "Olden Days Sauce Chicken Rice") for us to share... the both of us. But i never would show.

I treasure every moment we spend together now. Like a desperate lover. Like I couldn't breathe without seeing him. Like i couldn't live without spending time with him, like i couldn't sleep without talking to him.

Because I truly couldn't.

He never did change. He still kept on loving me even when i changed. And i did change. Countless times. Comfortably switching loyalties, as if it were a game of monopoly.

Sometimes I wish I was a tad less blind and a little more receptive.

I could never forgive myself for leaving you hanging like that.... I don't even treat my friends the way i did you! How could I have claimed that I loved you? How could I? Yet... forgive me and still love me.

Why didn't I see? Why was i cursed with this blindness?

My new bible had an answer waiting for me. John 9. There was a man who was blind from birth, begging in the streets and Jesus' disciples had asked him whose fault it was that that man was born blind. Jesus' answer?

John 9:3b
"...but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life."

*chuckles* I sometimes laugh at how down-to-earth his love letters are. I was blind in my naivete, but I had to be. How then could he impress me? I will never be able to comprehend the depth of his love.

He uses my weakness - my blindness, as a chance for me to get to know him. He never took the opportunity to use it against me or derogatorily. He used it for his glory. My lover.

There's also the other extreme. I was blind so that he could show his healing. Where it simply displays his awesome power, his influence (his pectorals? *chuckles*). That he is able to give and also take away. My hero.

John 9:39
Jesus said, "For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind."

He truly is amazing. And it's breathtaking to be in a relationship with him.

Sometimes I wish I was a tad less blind and a little more receptive.

I'm distraught today. I've lost my new Bible. I can't believe it's gone! All his letters to me, gone! Of all things to steal, of all things to lose. Gah.

I want it back. I need it back.

I'm meeting him tonight.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Diez Cosas Extrañas Sobre Me

(...or Ten Weird Things About Myself)

The d-Eva tagged me today.

The rules are: Once you've been tagged, you write a blog with 10 weird random things, facts, or habits about yourself.
At the end you choose 5 people to be tagged, and list their names.
Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged', and tell them to read your latest blog.

I've never really been tagged before. Unless of course, we count actually playing "Tag". Then, I suppose i WAS "tagged" about a billion times a single game. (Bad stamina. *chuckles*) Right. So if the concept of being "tagged" still works the same way as the kid's game, then it's now my turn to chase fellow hooligans down the street in the blinkin' heat, catch them and then slap them hard in the face, yelling "Tag, You're IT!"

Why do we have to yell "You're IT!" anyway? says, "it" is used to represent an inanimate thing understood. What a marvel. When playing a game of Tag, we're anything but inanimate! But once again, I sidetrack.

Thankfully, being tagged in the Wonderful World of Blogdom is nothing more than a game, created to conquer "writer's bock"( i believe), to save bloggers/bloggerettes from hacking at the crannies of their gray matter to come up with a forced entry. I think some of you may beg to differ; arguing that it was harder to come up with a list than with the usual entry. Or some of you may have even found that being "tagged" was fun (god-forbid)! Thus, to not offend, I respect all your preferences.

Regardless of what we individually think, we are all (yes, even me!) now waiting for yours truly to come up with her idiosyncratic list -beginning with this juicy bit: 1) When in deep thought, i tend to twirl a favorite bit of hair with my left index finger and it's neighbor, alternately. A habit cultivated since age five. I seldom twirl my hair in public, but see if you can spot me in the act sometime! *laughs*

2) I had my first pimple breakout at age 19. If you don't find that weird - well, i don't really care. For me, it was as pleasant as watching Mr. Bean's Holiday! Too many cliches (repeated monstrosities) and most of the time, i was clueless as to how to react. I remember being frustrated for the better part of the movie. Likewise, my pimple breakout was one of the most harrowing experiences for any person to go through. *solemn* I still live with scars. *sighs ruefully* Any good scar-removing treatments?

3) I'm an English freak. Reading the English dictionary was a favorite pass time, alongside books authored by Carolyn Keene, Enid Blyton and C.S. Lewis. Then ever since the dawn of the internet era, I began working with the likes of and, switching dictionaries indefinitely. I also began reading Agatha Christie, Philip Pullman, Nicholas Sparks, Alfred Hitchcock, Jane Austen, etc.

I began to develop this thing for written grammar when i was 11 or 12, which later in time, (as some would know) morphed into this mild obsession. I would correct someone's written spelling or grammar if i knew for sure that they were wrong. If I wasn't sure, I'd pull out to find out first before going ahead. Not kidding. (**Note: I only correct written errors, not whilst verbal/audible conversations. That would just be weird.) I may not always be accurate, but i constantly strive to better my English whenever I can. My best friend found this word today, sprachgefuhl (pronounced shprakh-guh-fuel. Doesn't that sound so coo?). He told me it was an apt description of myself. *chuckles* I absolutely loved the word as soon as i read it!

I participated in who-knows-how-many competitions such as story-telling, choral-speaking, debate, and drama when in school and college.

I also became a registered member of (then to explore the world of creative writing a little more, as i had written a lot of poetry and had no idea where to put them. I wasn't familiar with blogging at the age of 12. was awesome as there are veteran and amateur writers alike, reading and commenting your stuff. In addition, they also have this gift-point system that really fuels you to keep going. I'm no longer an active member now, but those days were memorable. Wow, I've rambled so much about this. Time for point 4.

4) I have never left the country. I have never flown on a plane, save one domestic flight between Penang to Kuala Lumpur for an intercollege debate competition. And believe me, i had my face glued to the window of that aircraft for the whole of thirty minutes, both ways. *laughs sheepishly* I was a kid at Christmas that day.

5) I have a fascination for shiny things. But I never ogle out loud. I'd just phase out for a couple of seconds whilst looking at whatever it may be. Hardly anybody notices. The stuff that usually catch my attention are as follows:

- The stickers on original DVDs/VCDs/the like.
- The reflection of the sun on clear puddles, lakes, etc.
- The bit on a credit card
- Silver/Chrome accessories
- I bought a silver lipstick and eye shadow once because it was all shiny and metallic. I was 11.
- Metallic ink gel pens
- I bought a bit of silver cloth and had it taylored into a pair of pants as a dance costume. I was 15.
- Glitter
- Christmas decorations
- Twinkling Stars
- Night Sea/City view from a balcony or any elevated plateau.

6) I morphed myself into a tomboy throughout the duration of my secondary school. I had a boycut hairdo, bought huge school Tees and pants, spoke all rough-like, cussed *hangs head in shame*, the works! Needless to say i was a different person at home. I had thought it would save me from all the backtalk and gossip, but it didn't. I grew some and learned that I should just be myself and not be people benders. So, I grew my hair and concentrated on more "refined" language. To those who may have known me during my "cussing" phase, I am terribly sorry for setting such an example, though it may have only been one and a half years. I am changed now. Truly.

7) I like the number 13. NO, not because i like to toy with superstition and no, i don't have a dark soul. No, i don't like black cats and no, i don't take notice of many "Unlucky Friday the 13th(s)". I was born on the 13th. It marked the beginning of my life. That's all. End of story.

8) I like pencils, and color pencils. I doodle a lot and those are my choice mediums. I'm not that great a doodler. But once in awhile, I can come up with pretty good stuff. *smiles* Still practicing. Hoping to better my doodles to more sophisticated art.

9) I like cartoons, Disney movies, flash movies, the works! I like the BACKYARDIGANS (Nickelodeon)! I love CARS and ROBOTS (Disney Movies)! I like BEAR IN THE BIG BLUE HOUSE (Playhouse Disney)! I love MAKING FIENDS (flash series)! I love VEGGIE TALES (BigIdea)! I especially like deals that include awesome music, excellent play of words, humor, down-to-earth ideas, originality and the adorability factor. Aside that, I'm an ardent follower of two particular webcomic strips, "Beaver And Steve" as well as "You'll Have That". Very coo.

10) I've had to enlarge my nostrils by removing the extra layer of tissues that had accumulated, through an operation. My nose was bleeding for a fortnight after that! And if that wasn't enough, I tasted rotten blood every morning throughout my recuperation period. My friends found it disgusting but hey, it was essential for my survival. *chuckles* Being a former bronchitis patient, my lungs tend to get all congested with phlegm real fast (I have sinuses too) and this affects my breathing a lot. My ENT doc eventually suggested i go through the operation. So yeah, you CAN say I've had an internal nose job.

So that's it from me. I hereby "tag":

1) Joash
2) Eric Teng
3) Lam
4) Adrian
5) Eunice L


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Earth to Phoebe

"Earth to Phoebe, Earth to Phoebe. Come in, Phoebe!"

Still phoeling like i've been dislocated from all my joints. Floating almost. Right now, my feet and rear seem to respond to my brain-impulses as well as a stubborn mule to a farmer. But I'm not a miserable wretch.


Before you commence a session of assumption, NO - i am not in the state of denial. What i feel now is hard to explain. i feel contented yet dissatisfied, i feel great yet i ache everywhere. Some people (men, i suppose) might associate this to a night after gym....or somewhere around those lines.

They could be right.

I was up north for a couple of days in Butterworth, just hanging out with the outreach folks and having fun. A sort of camp, but not really. I was really looking forward to it as I was told we'd be taken to a dam on Tuesday. The Mengkuang Dam had been worked into a tourist spot but few people had come to know of it and it was ideal for an outing on a public holiday. (And this meant, minus: traffic jams, lack of parking spaces, oxygen-tanks to breathe, suffocation) I bundled my bed onto the backseat, shoved some clothes into a silver backpack and was all smiles as we left.

The folks had work on Monday, so the sessions were to begin Monday night onwards. We stayed back after sunday evening, so that dad wouldn't have to drive so much. Of course if we were calculative, it would save much on petrol and on the toll as well.

Hence, to pass the time, we had a shopping session (which i thoroughly disliked with great intensity), as my family was required to walk around together (according to the jurisdiction of parental order), and i just wound up being shifted aimlessly about. We walked all over the building from 11.30a.m. to 7-ish in the evening. Needless to say, i couldn't feel my legs when we finally got back to our lovely blue outreach center that night.

But the bible study and prayer hour we had after, was awesome. I was so glad for it. It was refreshing to be able to just focus on what matters, and just cherish God for being God. I slept unbelievably well that night and the following day, rose early to go to the dam. It was a wonderful walk. They had made walking pathways halfway up a hill by the dam (or lake, if you will) and the sights were gorgeous. I walked by the bank and could even see schools of fish in the shallow areas. I abused my dad's camera-phone extensively that day. Hope to bluetooth the pictures over soon.

After our walk, we rested and hydrated ourselves under a quaint shack-shade. We played indoor games first, I taught them a phoebefied TABOO, (as not many were as great at english) with simpler terms and objects; charades and etc. We had lunch for a bit before continuing with football, badminton and finally volleyball.

A half an hour after bidding farewell to the Mengkuang Dam, we found ourselves in the hot, hot, hot town of Bukit Mertajam. Things were dirt cheap there. I bought myself a pair of good white canvas shoes, for diabolical art purposes, for only RM 3.00 there! (That's less than a USD$ 1, and almost an AUD$ 1 to you foreign wimps!)

Uhh....just a sec.

*flips dictionary madly, looking up the word, "wimp"*


Let's try that again: That's less than USD$ 1 and almost an AUD$ 1 to you foreign winn-ers! *nervous laugh*

Later, we went to hydrate ourselves at a stall, known for its tasty, authentic soya bean and coconut milk. Drinking ourselves to intoxication, we then left for tea at Aunty G's. Yes, for more hydration sessions! You have to understand, it was SO HOT - i couldn't think, breathe OR sleep it off! I took a cold bath there, as i could've sworn i felt a bit of my brains spilling out my ear. Then, it was off to the center for a second session of bible study and prayer. Another awesome night of meeting with God.

The following day, we began our day visitting some showhouses of upcoming condomoniums. And i loved the internal decorating! *laughs* I know we're just there to look at the spaces, but they had truly deocrated it so well, that you simply couldn't overlook the furniture. Otherwise, the spaces were the usual normalcy of other living spaces.

We headed to Giant, after much ogling at painted walls and well-tiled floors. Mum wanted to do some marketing. So, i pushed the trolly around and weighed things for her, like the obeisant lovely that i was. With that over, we arrived back at good ole' Taiping.

And just in time for American Idol, too.
(The wows for me this week were Melinda and Blake. Awesome singers and performers.)

This morning, i woke up with aches all over my body, but a huge smile was plastered on my face. I had really needed this getaway. I was almost suffering from claustrophobia, just idling my mind away to the pits of frustration. God knew I needed this bad. *smiles* And I am so grateful for the time spent in butterworth. It was great just getting to know our folks over there, slowing down from the pace of my everyday duties, switching to another routine, looking at other walls beside the ones at home, and staring at a different sky. A darling package, really.

Absolute darling.

I'm back to doing church accounts and other clerical crimes (or whatnots) today, but i'm doing fine.

Are you?

Disclaimer: "foreign wimps" was just a mild way of teasing my MALAYSIAN pals and buddies who are currently studying overseas as i type this. if you are indeed "foreign" - you can be rest assured that i was not referring to you or your kind. *chuckles* Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I've uploaded the pictures of my entire Butterworth randezvous in My Media Blog.

When you click here, you will be taken to an index of all the photo albums available for viewing. Photo albums that I've recently posted are always on the top, so no worries. No extra hunting required. *smiles*

Just decide what photos you'd like to look at, and click on the respective albums. All my albums are titled accordingly to avoid confusion. Most pictures have captions. Some have a little extra explanation to it.

If you do visit, DO leave me a message if you can. You'll have to sign up for an account to do that though.

Also, feel free to browse the rest of the site! My blog entries are exactly the same there as I actually cross-post from Blogger to Multiply. Looking forward to your visit!

Oh, Phanuel!


Can you keep a secret?
I think Phanuel just told me his first lie. *laughs*
(Who is Phanuel? Read: More Than Meets The Eye)

He was holding a piece of steel (probably from a broken clothes-hanger) and was playing around with it. He was playing the percussionist - hitting it on his wooden bedframe in a catchy beat.

If i hadn't mentioned about his passion for music before, i'd best do it now. *haha* Phanuel has a very good ear for music. I'm almost sorry that he's autistic, as i would send him for music classes - without missing a beat! (pardon the pun) He could seriously excel in things like this. *smiles*

Now, back to the topic. He was playing with the piece of steel and i heard his drummings. I entered the bedroom to see what he was up to. When i first saw what he was doing, I was a bit worried. The steel piece he was playing with had looked very sharp, rusty and dangerous.

Me: Phanuel! *exclaims in put-on American slang* What are you doing?
(The Phoebe Commentary: He only understands you in an american slang. He hasn't been exposed to any form of bahasa as he hasn't been to public school, see?)

Phanuel: I... I... *thinks to construct his sentence* I never DO anything!
(The Phoebe Commentary:I almost laughed! He had replied me in American slang but in rotten Manglish grammar!)

Me: *smiling in amusement, but keeping stern tone* What do you mean you didn't do anything? What are you holding?
(The Phoebe Commentary: I like asking him questions when he is trying to speak. It's just to provoke him to be more verbal in his expressions; instead of tantrums and gibberish)

Phanuel: I... I... never HOLD anything!
Me: There! You're holding that! *pointing at steel thing in his hands* Where did you take it from?
Phanuel: I... I... *hides the steel thing behind his back* I never TAKE anything!

*chuckles* Now tell me, how do you scold anyody as adorable as that?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Labor Day

According to,

Labor Day
noun British.
a holiday in honor of labor, celebrated on May 1 in Britain and some parts of the Commonwealth, but on the first Monday in September in Canada and the US, on the fourth Monday in October in New Zealand, and with varying dates in the different states of Australia.

Hope you guys enjoy the quick break! I know I will!