Monday, June 25, 2007


I woke up today feeling quite drained. Couldn't put my finger on it at first but managed to later. The exhaustion, unmistakable; the strain - specific.

Post Menstrual Syndrome. Gah.

My monday mornings are usually spent doing accounts for my father. It's not such a drag anymore cause i'd made a little spreadsheet form to help with the calculations, tabulations and equations. I never liked numbers, so after a little push from my best friend, i decided to put the few "Excel" formulas i had to good use. I've not regretted since.

However, the counting and the numbers are still horribly daunting and i do wish at times i didn't have to do it. So today, i decided to slack on work a bit. Leave the accounting for another day. Afterall, i had a perfectly good excuse, I thought.

"I'm suffering. Going through a severe case of post menstrual syndrome."

Big, fancy words.

Anyway, right after i decided to abstain from any mental or physical work today, I opened my little journal, penned some thoughts down. I usually did that to prepare myself for quiet time. To get myself into a more focused zone. When i was ready, I was going to flip over to a chapter in Psalms (I'm on this bout to finish the whole book) but a verse caught my eye.

Proverbs 6:6-11

6 Go to the ant, you sluggard;
consider its ways and be wise!

And then OF COURSE I had to go ahead and read the rest of it! Not unlike a spider's web waiting for a pathetic little phoebe-bug to fly gab-smack into it and get tangled up in it's shimmery grasp.

7 It has no commander,
no overseer or ruler,

8 yet it stores its provisions in summer
and gathers its food at harvest.

9 How long will you lie there, you sluggard?
When will you get up from your sleep?

10 A little sleep, a little slumber,
a little folding of the hands to rest-

11 and poverty will come on you like a bandit
and scarcity like an armed man.

What apt timing! I thought. The day i decided to be lazy, the day i claimed as my own, the day i succumbed to lethargy. I could've laughed it off. I mean, surely that happened out of pure coincidence.

I took this myself!

But even if it had happened coincidentally, I had too receptive a conscience to let it just flit by unattended. Just reading those verses made me disappear into my thoughts. And the thoughts never left me.

"Consider its ways and be wise."

I decided to just read up about ants then. And I learned a thing or two today from the ants, which is more than i ever thought i could. I'd always wondered about it before. I may have waved it off when i was younger, thinking that was all that was to it. That ants were hardworking cause it just worked its butt off till it died.

Browsing websites, this were some of the facts that i learned:

"The ants are to be admired for their discipline and for how each chore necessary for the successful running of the nest is assigned to various colony members, and for how these chores are meticulously carried out." Strike One!

"Sometimes when catastrophe happens, the ants respond quickly by adapting their duties to overcome the problem." I hadn't realized how human they were! Strike Two!

"The ants constantly educate their young, teaching younger ants the tricks of the trade." Strike Three!

"It has been estimated that an ant's brain may have the same processing power as a Macintosh II computer." And I was OUT!

Jokes aside, I decided that since i could let myself choose to play the sloth today, I could also let myself choose to be a little more productive and do what was needed of me. If I didn't do this, my dad would have to postpone his trip to the bank and tomorrow would end up a maddening rush of chores.

Lesson #1: Be disciplined and do what is needed of you today.

The ants could adapt themselves to situations, changing skills and duties to fit circumstances, responding quickly to any problem that arose. Instead of even trying to adapt to my tasks and chores to better suit the circumstances, i chose to not do it at all.

Lesson #2: Be flexible. Don't resolve to quit before you've even tried. Phoegure out ideas to best suit conditions.

Even the ants knew that educating th new generation was essential as the future of the colony depended on its continuity, whether it be tending their aphids (like cows), scouting for food, ensuring security, cleaning, etc.

Lesson #3: Teach somebody what i know so that they can take over when I couldn't do it anymore. This can also avoid unnecessary stress.

Eventually i realized, God was indeed speaking to me. In way i could never imagine. If i didn't update the accounts today, then nobody would; heaping more work for tomorrow on top of the errands and journeys I would have to make on Tuesdays anyway. At 6-ish in the evening, my tummy still kicking up a fuss, I began my accounts.

I found out that if i put enough pressure on my tummy, the pain subsides. So i set up my laptop on the floor, and layed with my tummy on a cushion and did the accounts that way the whole time. And it helped. A lot.

I also got my sister to stick around and explained formulas and instructed her as to how to utilize the spreadsheet form. She caught up pretty quick. So today's accounting session was memorable and somewhat more enjoyable to an extent.

I even had enough strength leftover to do a bit more for the church noticeboard and other small errands. I still feel invigorated and inspired. I'd best write a bit in my journal and turn in for now though. It is best not to run on borrowed strength anyway.

Oh by the way, how was your day?

Thanks for the extra fuel I needed, Lord.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Far Away

Music and Lyrics by
Phoebe Lee Matthews

Constantly thinking
Persistent reminding
of things i would do with you

Painful dejection
The strangest direction
I've ever been made to head to

Far away -- are you, my heart
though your dreams for me unfurl
Far away -- are you, my breath
You've left me here so cold
There is so much left untold..

Always agambling
my purpose for living
for memories of you

hopeless, infected
love interrupted
no more memories of you
enough memories of you

Far away -- are you, my heart
though your dreams for me unfold
far away-- are you, my breath
you have left me here so cold
there is so much left untold...

I'm on a higher plateau
though i still care
my strength's no longer from you
I'm on a higher plateau
I see you there --
but my heart is for something more true.

Something more...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I wish

I wish the plans i'd made, could somehow, sometime come to pass.
I wish the dreams we had could just somehow, someway, last.

I wish i was a little stronger to stand this gaping void.
I wish we were more stronger than just end up numb, like droids.

I wish i was less arrogant, less pumped up in my pride,
I wish i could forget the thorn that's digging in my side.

I wish to catch a movie with two good friends, maybe three,
I wish to laugh and smile and talk; please say you will agree?

I wish to be all i can be, succeed in all i can,
I wish that they will hold me in high regard by then.

I wish my corner of the sky was a little more than dim,
I wish i could let my life revolve a lot more around him.

I wish to be a writer someday, though i may suck now,
I wish to keep practicing till i master the know-how.

I wish to be a singer, songwriter, and reliable band member,
I wish to be able to pass on messages, all can remember.

I wish to keep on praying, hoping for the best for you,
I wish i could get over the fact that roses can be blue.

I wish to know how tears can stop, how sadness can dissolve,
I wish to know how hearts can mend, how problems can be solved.

I wish i'd known, i wish i'd known, how it all would end,
I wish to never regret the day i let you hold my hand.

I wish all the plans you've made will have their chance at human-reality,
I wish to see you do your work, show the world your amazing ability!

I wish and wish and wish all night, in hope it'd all come true,
I wish to be all perfect, the day, the hour i see you.

-Phoebe Lee Matthews, completed at 22:46
(I drew that picture up there using my little brother's cheap crayons one night, and found the simple doodle quite intriguing. I could just finish the "I wish" sentence anyway i wanted! And so that inspired me to write this spontaneous piece. Hope you find it just as intriguing. Write your own and share with me sometime!)

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Slide

Remember your first slide? The excitement, the adrenaline rushes, the wind in your face, the tingly feeling you get in your toes, the imagination?

If i were to make you get into one now, at the very age you are right this very second, what would you feel? Well, straight off the edge of my mind, I'd feel:

a) AWKWARD at first. very. (honestly, a twenty one year old? climbing up a slide? who wouldn't feel that way?)
b) growing EXCITEMENT. the type you thought you'd forgotten. (sitting at the edge of the slide now. looking around, nervous and awkward.)
c) the nostalgic JOY i felt as a kid. (going down the slide. hands in the air now. adrenaline rush.)

I'd given up something I'd wanted awhile ago. And just when i thought i'd outgrown the idea, just when i've managed to convince myself that it was a stupid and superficial dream in the first place, it comes back to me - served on a silver platter.

I felt most awkward. It didn't make sense to me. But then, just for a brief "slide" moment, i had this sense of growing excitement. Everyone who has ever asked me about this dream never got a positive answer from me before! I would now have an awesome, jawdropping response to any future queries! In that split second of nostalgic joy, i felt like i could rule the world!

But it lasted for just that. A shortlived split moment. I'm being offered one of the things i'd always wanted as a child! I'm supposed to be stupefied. Amazed. Excited. So, why don't I seem to want it as much anymore?

Why do i feel like i've outgrown it?

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

I like Pie!

I've always wanted to make my own cottage/shepherd's pie. I've eaten plenty but i haven't officially made my own, save one time. Unfortunately, my house never had a workable oven ever since I was ten. I still want to make the pie, really badly. So when i move into a new place or if i see a good bargain, i'm going to get an oven so that i can make my very own homemade Shepherd's Pie! Who knows what else i would be able to do with my oven? I could even try making cheesecakes!

But first things first. What's shepherd's pie really?

It's a traditional English dish, lined with grounded meat and cut up vegetables, bathed in Worchestershire sauce and broth. Finally, it's topped off with a thick, creamy layer of mashed potatoes and then shoved into the oven to be baked till golden brown!

What's the difference between Shepherd's Pie and Cottage Pie? The filling. Traditional Shepherd's Pies are lined with mutton or lamb, whereas Cottage Pies are lined with beef. But i guess along the years, it's all been mixed and matched. Now, people even use chicken to line the pies with, which seems a fine alternative to me any day! What's important is you make it your own and like what you prepare!

I also love this dish because of how easy it is to make! Don't believe me?

1. Minced/Grounded meat/beef
2. 1 onion chopped

3. Mixed Vegetables - chopped carrots, corn, peas

4. Potatoes (A few big ones)

5. Butter

6. Beef broth/local oxtail soup? *lol* /think-up-your-own-alternative
7. Barbeque sauce
8. Salt, pepper, and other seasonings of choice
9. Milk/Cream

A. Boil the peeled potatoes in salted water. You can choose to cut them in fours to speed things up.
B. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a pan and sauté (fancy word for cook or roast) till it looks softened up a bit. It'll be great if you keep the flame small throughout. You wouldn't want to burn the butter.
C. When the onions are ready, throw in the mixed vegetables, followed by the meat. Now if you're chopping your own vegetable mix, put the corn and peas in after the meat is sautéd well. How to judge that? It turns from raw pink to yummy brown.
D. Add seasonings now. Salt and Pepper and any favorite appropriate thing. Squeeze in some barbeque sauce.
E. Pour in half a cup of broth to the mix. Tend to it for about ten minutes, pouring in a bit of broth from time to time to keep moist. Spread it onto a baking dish or pan, and that's done!

F. The potatoes should be ready by now. Mash them up real good with butter and a little milk. If you're one to be health conscious then substitute butter with olive oil! It is rather expensive though. Add a bit of seasoning for taste, if necessary. It's really up to you!

G. Now, spread a yummy layer of your mashed potatoes onto the meat-veggie mix. Rough up the surface a bit, so that the pointy ends will get all golden and crusty in the oven. You can even make patterns and whatnots! *chuckles*
H. Shove it into the oven now. Cook it at 400 degrees for half an hour, till it's all goldeny and gurgling. Of course, the time set really depends on the size of the serving. You may have to keep it in there a little more just to brown it. It's all cooked inside anyway, so no worries!

Bon aptit!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

My Friend In Time Of Need

It all began with a sneeze in the evening. Caused by a speck of dust mayhaps. Having acute sinus issues, one sneeze was enough to hand me a one-way ticket to a sneezing fit. Seven sneezes in a row was the most i counted. Gah.

My sinuses weren't that hard to deal with. I've had it ever since i can remember. But what i disliked most about having sinuses was what entailed it. Sinuses leave my immune system in battered condition, and prone to other vices. Namely, Influenza. *shudder*

There has got to be an easier way to fight off Influenza.

Needless to say, I was still up with a drippy nose at four in the morning. Not unlike a broken tap. For Phoebe, this was a very BAD thing. My body was under siege! Much blood from my valiant white cells was being spilled. I could almost feel the viruses battering the gates of my fort. My empire was under attack and all i could ever do was wait it out. Unfortunate for me, we lost the battle and the country of Phoebe was conquered.

And so there I was, sitting in my bed - prepped up against the wall, miserable. I had a splitting headache, my body ached everywhere and i couldn't breathe through my nose. Going back to sleep wasn't exactly an easy task, but i eventually did anyway. With my mouth wide open. At least I think it was wide open.

Three hours later, Influenza reigned supreme. I began my day with a horrendous sore throat and though my nose wasn't drippy anymore, it was in a state, nothing short of disgusting. Then the inevitable happened. My throat began to spew out contemptuous things from the very pits of hell. This was going to be a lovely week, I thought.

Trudging to my desk, I saw him. "Vic, what are you doing here?" I exclaimed, eyes lighting up. He was quiet as always. I walked over to him, held him and smiled. "Here to brighten my day, are you?"

Removing what covered his body, I brought him closer to me; to breathe him all in. Good ole' Vicks has never failed me when it came to clearing my stuffed up nose. Which is why this post is dedicated to the ultimate flu-buddy, the Vicks Vapor Inhaler. Live forever! (Or at the most, three years.)

This little inhaler holds about 0.5ml of product, and costs only two to three dollars. It lasts for quite a period - just as long as you keep it closed after utilizing it. It's fairly easy to use, just unscrew its long cap, close one nostril and put the tube at the entrance of the open nostril. Take a whiff or two (take as many as necessary) and then repeat with the other nostril. You'll feel a cold rush up your nostrils and down the back of your throat. You'll be able to breathe through your nose again in no time.

Before inhalers, i'm sure most of you have probably heard of the Vicks Vaporub. The one that comes in a little jar-like bottle full of cream? Well, unlike its predecessor, the Inhaler keeps the powerful smell of menthol and camphor for you and you alone. No matter how often you snort it. *chuckles* You won't reek of Vicks wherever you go, like many other remedies.

I'm still suffering post-influenza. Coughing up things in colors i never knew existed, things that i could never give a justified description for. But thanks to my Vicks Vapor Inhaler, I'm a little less miserable and a little more productive today.

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Friday, June 8, 2007

Time Capsule

When i was in secondary school, I had a habit of stuffing keepsakes into a solid light blue box i bought at an S&J gift shop branch. It's been sitting in a huge cardboard packing box ever since we moved into our small bungalow. I dug it up today and opened it to look at the content. And i found this:

This was the last thing i put into my "time capsule". My work tag. From my first proper job ever. I worked in a medical-utilities production facility as a clerk, months after SPM. I reported to a lovely lady, whom i knew as Cindy and typed out, created and checked forms on a spreadsheet software. I've also had to scan pictures of packages and pictures of products and update the factory's database. People in there raise forms for everything: to suggest a rule, to change something, to put something in motion, etc.. So you can almost conjure up an imagery of the vast volumes of documentations one needed to complete in a day. Fun. Haha.

As an attempt to resume all manner of seriousness, I learnt a lot at my first job, actually. I gained experience, i learned to be orderly, i was afraid to be idle, and i earned my own money! All those great things helped me build up my confidence and self-esteem. A LOT. However, life being a bowl of cherries, you're bound to stumble across some bad ones. So amidst the fresh and sweet, I also learnt to be wary of the bad cherries. Friendships, for one. I grew distrustful of certain colleagues. It didn't help that they ransacked my things once, in attempt to find my salary letter from the Human Resource Department (this i find quite amusing to this day). I felt like i was in a literal soap theatre. The drama in the office was a little too overbearing.

I didn't have many like-minded friends there, i was the only person who was still in her teens in that department. Seventeen plus, to be exact. I turned eighteen whilst working there. I would have lunch all on my own, gobble up my food in 10 to 15 minutes and then return to my cubicle. I'd leave my bag in the drawer and lock it, then (and this part i looked forward to everyday) i'd take a long, nice walk around and about the facility. It really was huge. So everyday, I'd explore and discover some new part of the place, figure out a shortcut and head back to office. The walks really did me good. I remember now. *smiles*

So though this may come as no surprise to you, I'll admit it anyway. I resented my job a lot. I didn't know any better. I was young and felt in my spirit that i wasn't meant for a life in the cubicle, with stacks and stacks of documents in my inbox for company! I still believe that, come to think of it!

Nevertheless, I didn't know I had a choice to be happy in whatever i do. I didn't fully realize then, that when i said, "in EVERYTHING i do, i should do as unto the Lord", it meant just that. I didn't realize it covered my school activites, my job, my family life. EVERYTHING spiritual and seemingly UNspiritual. I hang my head in shame now just thinking about it, but I know i've grown some since then - and i'm still growing! *chuckles*

I remember being so glad on my last day. Silly me. But i do know that somewhere deep in, i did realize that i was much more better off and stronger character-wise because of the same job i had resented, the same job i had believed was the most horrible experience a girl could ever get, the same job i saw as an unfortunate circumstance ever to befall the likes of mankind.

Lord, you really know how to turn things around. *grateful grin*

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Don't be there.

For the full song, click here.

"Don't Be There" - Switchfoot

Don't be there
'Cause I'm on my way

And I'm already gone over
And I'm on my way

And I can't recall myself
How I went down
Did I get shot
Or shoot myself

I'm down here
And you're way up there

But that doesn't hurt badly
But it stings right here

And I won't pretend there's
Nothing there
You be around and I'll be square
Don't be alarmed if I'm not there
You be around and I'll be square

If you're a rose
Then I'm the thorn
That's in your side

And does it hurt badly
'Cause it burns right here

I'd like to say hello
I'd like to say I care
I'd like to let you know
That nothing here's the same with me
Nothing here's the same

Don't be around
Don't be there
Don't be there

Have a listen to what i've been listening to throughout this whole week. Switchfoot has been, for a long time, been one of my favorite bands; and this song is from their older stuff. From the "Legend of Chin" to be precise. This one never did get old for me.

Then: because the melody was original and the music was nothing like what i've heard before. Simple yet.. Enough.
Now: because the lyrics speak louder, serving as a significant outlet for me. I can't just be writing my heart away to oblivion, can i?

*Note: If you found the "you be around and i'll be square" line a bit odd, you should probably take note that among the many meanings of "Square", according to, is this:

i. a person who is ignorant of or uninterested in current fads, ideas, manners, tastes, etc.;
ii. an old-fashioned, conventional, or conservative person.

Hope that helped. Haha.

Anyway, to wrap this up, this song speaks in my heart's voice. Hope you're charmed too. *smiles*

Lord, you know. Take all of me.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mercury Rising

I watched this movie just recently (two months ago, i think) on cable TV. It's a 1998 thriller feature film, one that came about when i was twelve years old. I'd never heard of it before till this year. Ever since, I've always wanted to highlight this movie on my blog for reasons i will soon uncover, but hadn't remembered to. But now i do, and so here it is.

This is not going to be a typical movie review as i've never really been good at being an objective critic about things. In fact, this might even seem lop-sided to you. Nevertheless, cutting to the chase, I was personally very inspired by "Mercury Rising". It took quite a hefty helping of negative criticisms I've heard, but this is me. I liked the movie. Big Woof.

What inspired me was the plot, really. (Based on Ryne Douglas Pearson's 1996 novel; originally published as Simple Simon.)

(According to Wikipedia) A code called Mercury was created by The National Security Agency so complex that its creators believe no computer on earth can decipher it. Originally created during the Reagan Administration as a test to keep the United States' highest priority secrets under wraps, their assumption is realized to be false when they receive a message from an autistic savant boy named Simon (Miko Hughes) who calls the telephone number found within the code, which was secretly published in a puzzle magazine by two of the creators to see if anyone could break it. Colonel Kudrow (Alec Baldwin) seeks to silence Simon. Kudrow sends a hit man to murder Simon and his family.

After killing the boy's parents, the assassin searches the house, fails to find Simon, and leaves at the sound of approaching sirens. Art Jeffries (Bruce Willis) is an undercover FBI agent who protects Simon. He finds Simon hiding in a cache of his bedroom closet and takes the boy under his wing. Jeffries begins to realize the difficulty of protecting, let alone questioning Simon, because of his impaired social abilities as a result of his autism. The situation is further complicated by the fact that nobody at the FBI believes Simon is in any danger. Meanwhile, Colonel Kudrow, upset by disagreement over how to handle the case, murders one of his employees. The murdered employee's friend turns to Jeffries for help, and together they set a trap in which Kudrow is killed. The film ends with Simon being adopted by a new family.

Can you now guess why it impressed me that much? That's right. The protagonist was a brilliant autistic boy. He did the impossible by deciphering a code, and kept himself the safest way he knew how. He had his address memorized. He remembered and distinguished strangers from friends. He cracked puzzles like they were simple arithmetic.

That's where Phanuel is going.
(Who's Phanuel? Click here.)

No, he doesn't have to be deciphering codes (or anything along those lines) to be going down that direction. If he does, that would be so coo. But more significantly, I want Phanuel to be able to live life in full capacity, utilize his full potential, dream big dreams, and set out to achieve them. His life is going to make a difference. Somehow. 'Cause that's how the Lord intended it to be.

Reality is a little bit more harsh. People make hasty judgements. Their pessimism gets to us more often than not, and we can't help but wonder "what if" and "how". Nevertheless, it is in these times that I am reminded of the time when Phanuel was far worse than he is today.

He could hardly maintain eye contact, couldn't respond to his name, didn't understand the purpose of "the potty", hardly uttered a word, spins around without stopping (even when he felt sick), etc.

As of today, he reads, he does simple arithmetic, he creates powerpoint presentations, surfs his favorite websites, watches videos, tells us what he wants verbally (he started out pointing at things first), he sings and composes his own songs, and expresses himself well. He hasn't quite arrived yet, but look how far he has come! We could hardly have imagined him achieving so much within the span of seven to eight years. And there's so much more in him!

I'm excited to know what God has in store for him. We just can't give up on him now, you know? Every moment is vital. Every lesson may be a stepping stone to the greatness he will become. And i anticipate his arrival with bated breath.

Hope with me. Pray with me.

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Retreat, Soldiers, RETREAT!!

Unfinished and always will be. *smiles*

"O God, let us be
a Generation that seeks
That seeks your face
O God of Jacob"

I'm killing myself for words here.

Don't get me wrong. The PK Retreat in Genting Highlands was nothing short of glorious. But the string of vocabulary I'm coming up with don't seem to quite add up to the imprint the getaway left on me. It's like getting stabbed with a dagger and then weeks later, poking your mamaking-kakis in the side with your finger to let them know how that dagger felt.

If that made any sense.

I have no day to day accounts of the experience (sorry to disappoint), hugely caused by my weak excuse for memory power. But I'm sure you'd be most content with the little i have to offer you. I distinctly remember vacuumed moments in worship, when everybody disappeared. when all i saw was him. I remember moments when i reached out my left arm as high as it could go and felt him grasp my fingers. I remember holding to him tight whilst clutching my heart, hardly able to contain whatever that was bursting out of it.

I met him. But my experience was not exceptional. Many of the like-minded met him too. And i'm just so excited to be a part of this experience; to be part of the group that met him.

"You have turned
my mourning into dancing
You have turned
my sorrow into joy"

I do remember madness on the first night though. I remember running for my life. Yelling a string of inaudibles and admitting to major lack of stamina. Earned a lovely carpet-graze on my right knee.

It looks more revolting now, actually. I have septic slime oozing out of it.

Joash had an opportunity to worship lead, the morning of the third day, but he came up to me the second night and asked if i'd like to. I was quite surprised actually and even asked him if he was sure. The whole thing was quite a challenge as we had a bunch of rookie musicians; but honest to goodness, rookies who were all ready to learn and who did exceptionally well! I couldn't have asked for a better group. Everyone remained in good spirits and we practiced till 1:3o-ish that morning, i believe.

Whilst practicing, I made poor Jewls, Joel and Paul-o play invisible instruments; grabbed Jonan, Phile and Kenrick Kong to sing harmonies, and Mikha was handling the accoustic guitar. I don't think i speak for myself when i say we enjoyed every diminutive minute of practice! It was awesome! There were some folks who came to join us that night, so it became a good night of fellowship too.

I remember asking Joash for advice earlier that night, as i was quite nervous when the musicians told me they weren't familiar with many of the songs i had in mind. He had this calmness about him that really helps soothe the panicking soul. He said, "There's no need to do six songs, no need to conform. Four's good." Asked him for his opinion about some songs that I finally chose and got his nod of approval.

Jonan and Kenrick were a great asset to me as they really helped in terms of smoothening out creases in the technicalities. Chords, timing and backup melodies. They were also just downright great company! There should have been more microphones! One for each! Don't you agree?

All in all, I believe God truly took the helm from us that morning and steered it the way he wanted it to go.

Aside that, I enjoyed the meal times! It became the most exciting part of the day, no doubt for its network-expansion possibilities, but also it was thrilling to meet so many expectant faces. Faces that were eager to meet God, faces that held stories behind them, faces that weren't mere faces - but containers of passion and potential.

I mean, who can fathom the depth of our capacity? Capacity to play PICTIONARY all night long, for instance!

We stayed up till 5 a.m., completing the attempt to end the game. Good times, good times. I doubt i'm very hooked up to pictionary yet though. I'm still a hopeless fanatic of TABOO.

"Give us clean hands
Give us pure hearts
Let us not lift our souls to another"

Personally, i treasured the moments i spent with God. I had a lot of things to let go of, and surrendered them to him one by one. At each opportunity i got. Tore it away from my flesh. And it hurt. Madly. but he was there. and i knew i was safe.

PKs sure do rock! Hope to once again be able to gather with such an awesome bunch of people, to participate in such an amazing experience, and to have many more meets with such an indescribable God!

"Amazing Love, I know it's true
'Cause it's my joy to honor you
In all I do, I'll honor you"

(Images courtesy of Shua and Michel)