Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How are you today?

"How are you today?
It's been awhile
I've been far away
But I'm doing okay
Happy me
No, I'm still in disarray
But does it matter anyway?"
-Phoebe Lee Mathius, "Million"

It's been a little more than a month here in Bemidji, Minnesota. (Stop saying you don't know where it is! Look it up on the atlas!)

Here's a little update about what's been going on around here. I'm still doing my major, the same one from before: Mass Communication in the Electronic Media concentration. I'm taking Audio classes, Video classes, Digital Video Classes, ugly Communication Law and Swing Dance!

I love all my classes so far - it is such a wonderful feeling to be finally focusing on things i love...FINALLY! I miss Malaysia DEARLY, but man, i'll have to say our education system is sad, compared to what i've experienced here in a measely 5 weeks or so!

As required by my audio class, I am running a radio show, Saturday nights 8-10pm and it is called Bea's Saturday Night Drive. I've only just initiated the program last Saturday.... I was seriously freaked out, because this is on live transmission. yes, you read me right. I go ON AIR....LIVE! it's our college campus radio and we've got all sorts of kids and college folk listening in to us - so that keeps me on my toes. My last show wasn't that great but I ENJOYED IT! nothing like it! (My roomie, Hope (whom i will blog about later), who listened in through the whole show, told me that it was not too bad - but that's her opinion.)

I also have to write and create radio commercials and public announcements as assignments and I did a Speak Like a Pirate Day! I shall post it up when i can. Apparently, when i read it out in class, it was funny. Rubbish, right? ;)

My digital video class, requires us to remake scenes from movies I like - but since we're working in groups, what my team likes. (And when i say remake...our professor really means REMAKE. Like down to the last detail!) So it was voted in that we redo a funny scene from Pineapple Express (youtube it), a pretty big-deal movie here. In fact, it is a NIGHT scene that we are remaking, and therefore, we are going to be shooting 11pm tonight! Can't wait!!

My Video class requires us to attend football games and shoot it as LIVE coverage for channel 17, a local TV network here. I did my first shooting two weeks ago, and enjoyed the heck out of myself! Haha. We had a director ordering us what shots to take via heaphones (Portacoms) and i had a blast toying with my camera! My next game is this Saturday! and then it'll be another 3 more games to shoot!

If you noticed I don't have a weekend life. I have reluctantly given up my Saturdays for my audio and video assignments, as the rest of my week is jam-packed anyway!

I attend a CF here called Intervarsity and have been scheduled to play keyboard this Thursday! =) This means, I have practice sessions on Monday nights, and leadership meets on Sunday nights and of course the meeting/service itself on Thursday nights.

I go for Swing Dance on Wednesday Nights and we've been learning the Jitterbug and we will be learning more new dances as we go along the rest of the semester... I LOVE MY SWING CLASSES! And I'm getting rather good at, I would think! I've always loved the music that goes with and FINALLY, I'm able to actually jive with it the way i should!

I was elected Secretary of the International Students Organization (ISO) and therefore, i have committee meetings on Friday nights (8-9pm) before ISO night itself, which is spent in our Gym, specially booked for the aliens in university! We play games and have whatever activities and bond, basically. So that's through 9-11pm.

I made a very good friend called Tim, who plays the bass in our Intervarsity team - and he agreed to teach me bass...so my bass lessons happen on tuesday night! I'm starting from the basics and I LOVE IT! (Tim happens to be a graduate in the same major and concentration as I and he works at Lakeland News as a Producer/Director. He is awesome at what he does. Seriously.)

So if you realize, that's something to do EVERY night of the week! I absolutely ADORE my schedule... but pray that I have my priorities in place and that I use God-fuel and not me-fuel to get through, less i burn out! I want my life to reflect my hero, whom i am SO in love with - and be the Krista that I am called to be.

"Let my life be like a love song,
Let my life be like a love song,
Let my life be like a love song
...to your heart.

I love you, my hero.