Sunday, October 8, 2006


There goes another Sunday.

Tomorrow begins yet another week of fun and exciting things; among which are as follows:

a) Likening life to a chipped vinyl record playing on a broken gramophone.

Seeing as i work with customer service, i have to answer calls with more or less the same queries, act like i'm interested, listen to them drone about their petty woes and repeating the standard format of opening and closing a conversation in order to promote good "rapport" - over and over again. eight and a half hours a day. 5 days a week.

b) Morphing into strange, distorted Gollum-like creature; ever searching for "My Precciiiooouussss...."

seeing as my IQ level drops a notch every ten calls or so, my social skills has been dreadfully affected. I had very little to begin with, you see. therefore, i'm now resorted to very little conversation...and lots of sushi.

*arm lunges into fish tank for the twelfth time and pulls out tremulous, wide-eyed goldfish* Yum.

c) Repeating self-motivation phrases like, "i am not becoming stupid" "i will not have a bad day" "i will not allow myself to self-destruct" "i am not getting old" and the likes.

Afterall, work isn't all that bad.

d) Experiencing freak 5-hour power outtage. Yay!

What? One can hope.

Discovering the joys of a new job is definitely an adventure in its own right. 3 months into the job and i've already complained a 300-paged-book's worth (averaging 100 pages a month)! There were many instances, when i could've told myself, "Wow, i handled that tough call pretty well!" and remain positive thoughout the day - but more often than not i chose to be all dramatic and go, "What an impossible person! I bet she/he was being difficult on purpose!" (etc.) and then drown myself in immature self resentment for the rest of the day.

In actuality, NOTHING is really ever that bad. Nevertheless, how i choose to see things has a lot of bearing on my general perspective of it.

That's it. Solution to life's excessive strains and pains : Choose to see it right.

"Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy - meditate on these things." (Phil 4:8)

Funny how i never saw this verse in this light before. i shouldn't dwell in complains and negative experiences - i should be meditating on the better side of things; what i've learned and gained from certain experiences - whatever that is of good report.

A close friend of mine shared this joke with me:

Two friends were walking down a street, most probably talking about how they spent their day. Somewhere in the sky was a bird flying overhead. Our fluttering friend dispatched a dropping and this landed on one of the heads of the two walking friends. Both were stunned. But after a momentary pause, the man with the dropping on his head, began to burst out in laughter. Exasperated, his friend asked, "how on earth can you be laughing when a bird just landed its dropping on your head??"

His cheerful friend replied, "i'm just thankful elephants don't fly."

*Chuckles* gets me every time.