Thursday, October 30, 2008

Video Assignments!

Hey here's my latest assignment, completed!

This video is basically my one minute feature story (an interview, really) of Timothy James Larson (whom i sometimes call Teej) who is an awesome TV Producer/Director for Lakeland Public Television.

I apologize for audio and image quality... it had to be compressed when uploaded! your feedback is appreciated.

Life and Times of Tim the TV Producer/Director

I have to learn to pan the camera better. Next time, i'll just use a tripod.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A new song I wrote. Music by Haeman Teo.
(click to listen)

The constant nagging of quiet surrender
persistent pelting of silent thoughts
who knows what goes on behind the eyes of another?
smiles and tears; clues are all we've got

Hidden dreams that are lost forever
Forbidden bonds that are hard to sever
But what do we do with our displaced observations?
Shake our heads in deep frustration?

We've nothing more than what we've brought
What we have is what we've got
Nothing less than who we are

Stop being something we're not.

'Cause we build and break
and break and build
And we try and try to be free but still
Remain in invisible screens
Like movies in gray