Monday, December 8, 2008

First Day of School

A poem I found on YouTube earlier this year... I came across it by accident then, and i stumbled upon it yet again today. It pulled up so many fond memories....I absolutely love this one. but then, all good videos are most pleasant when least expected.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Article One : Follow Up

And here they are!!

A bunch of Article One pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Simply click here!

Or copy and paste this into your address bar on your web browser!

Article One

Earlier this semester, I went to an Article One concert.... Well, to be honest, they were just Opening Acts for Superchick ~ But they were, the best band playing that night!!!!!

(They're Canadians by the way.)

I have the photos all stashed in my friend's album, forgive me for not updating blogdom about it... but i just found a video of the electric violin solo... of the exact concert I attended....

Notice, how he plays so hard, the strings on his bow breaks and then he flips the violin to his back and starts playing behind his back!!!

Crazy awesome. 'Nough said.

Enjoy. Pictures to follow!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Eveleth Updates!

I followed some duck tracks. Haha.

I didn't find them right away. I found them under the deck out front in the end.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, everyone!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our first snow.


Pretend those are your feet, and that the crunching snow I heard beneath my feet, were what you heard.

This is our first snow.

Merry Christmas, sweetheart!

With love,
Phoebe Lee Mathius
(Your sister who loves you very very much!)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Heart's Capacity : Phillip Napieralski

Another video assignment of mine. 3 minuter, this time. In this video, I'm interviewing music prodigy ;) Phillip Napieralski (a.k.a. Phil or even Philbo Baggins) who plays crazy crazy piano! check out his youtube channel to see what i mean!

It will be time well spent, guaranteed. At basic, this is Phil's music journey and how he grew from it.

This is his heart's capacity.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Video Assignments!

Hey here's my latest assignment, completed!

This video is basically my one minute feature story (an interview, really) of Timothy James Larson (whom i sometimes call Teej) who is an awesome TV Producer/Director for Lakeland Public Television.

I apologize for audio and image quality... it had to be compressed when uploaded! your feedback is appreciated.

Life and Times of Tim the TV Producer/Director

I have to learn to pan the camera better. Next time, i'll just use a tripod.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A new song I wrote. Music by Haeman Teo.
(click to listen)

The constant nagging of quiet surrender
persistent pelting of silent thoughts
who knows what goes on behind the eyes of another?
smiles and tears; clues are all we've got

Hidden dreams that are lost forever
Forbidden bonds that are hard to sever
But what do we do with our displaced observations?
Shake our heads in deep frustration?

We've nothing more than what we've brought
What we have is what we've got
Nothing less than who we are

Stop being something we're not.

'Cause we build and break
and break and build
And we try and try to be free but still
Remain in invisible screens
Like movies in gray

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How are you today?

"How are you today?
It's been awhile
I've been far away
But I'm doing okay
Happy me
No, I'm still in disarray
But does it matter anyway?"
-Phoebe Lee Mathius, "Million"

It's been a little more than a month here in Bemidji, Minnesota. (Stop saying you don't know where it is! Look it up on the atlas!)

Here's a little update about what's been going on around here. I'm still doing my major, the same one from before: Mass Communication in the Electronic Media concentration. I'm taking Audio classes, Video classes, Digital Video Classes, ugly Communication Law and Swing Dance!

I love all my classes so far - it is such a wonderful feeling to be finally focusing on things i love...FINALLY! I miss Malaysia DEARLY, but man, i'll have to say our education system is sad, compared to what i've experienced here in a measely 5 weeks or so!

As required by my audio class, I am running a radio show, Saturday nights 8-10pm and it is called Bea's Saturday Night Drive. I've only just initiated the program last Saturday.... I was seriously freaked out, because this is on live transmission. yes, you read me right. I go ON AIR....LIVE! it's our college campus radio and we've got all sorts of kids and college folk listening in to us - so that keeps me on my toes. My last show wasn't that great but I ENJOYED IT! nothing like it! (My roomie, Hope (whom i will blog about later), who listened in through the whole show, told me that it was not too bad - but that's her opinion.)

I also have to write and create radio commercials and public announcements as assignments and I did a Speak Like a Pirate Day! I shall post it up when i can. Apparently, when i read it out in class, it was funny. Rubbish, right? ;)

My digital video class, requires us to remake scenes from movies I like - but since we're working in groups, what my team likes. (And when i say remake...our professor really means REMAKE. Like down to the last detail!) So it was voted in that we redo a funny scene from Pineapple Express (youtube it), a pretty big-deal movie here. In fact, it is a NIGHT scene that we are remaking, and therefore, we are going to be shooting 11pm tonight! Can't wait!!

My Video class requires us to attend football games and shoot it as LIVE coverage for channel 17, a local TV network here. I did my first shooting two weeks ago, and enjoyed the heck out of myself! Haha. We had a director ordering us what shots to take via heaphones (Portacoms) and i had a blast toying with my camera! My next game is this Saturday! and then it'll be another 3 more games to shoot!

If you noticed I don't have a weekend life. I have reluctantly given up my Saturdays for my audio and video assignments, as the rest of my week is jam-packed anyway!

I attend a CF here called Intervarsity and have been scheduled to play keyboard this Thursday! =) This means, I have practice sessions on Monday nights, and leadership meets on Sunday nights and of course the meeting/service itself on Thursday nights.

I go for Swing Dance on Wednesday Nights and we've been learning the Jitterbug and we will be learning more new dances as we go along the rest of the semester... I LOVE MY SWING CLASSES! And I'm getting rather good at, I would think! I've always loved the music that goes with and FINALLY, I'm able to actually jive with it the way i should!

I was elected Secretary of the International Students Organization (ISO) and therefore, i have committee meetings on Friday nights (8-9pm) before ISO night itself, which is spent in our Gym, specially booked for the aliens in university! We play games and have whatever activities and bond, basically. So that's through 9-11pm.

I made a very good friend called Tim, who plays the bass in our Intervarsity team - and he agreed to teach me my bass lessons happen on tuesday night! I'm starting from the basics and I LOVE IT! (Tim happens to be a graduate in the same major and concentration as I and he works at Lakeland News as a Producer/Director. He is awesome at what he does. Seriously.)

So if you realize, that's something to do EVERY night of the week! I absolutely ADORE my schedule... but pray that I have my priorities in place and that I use God-fuel and not me-fuel to get through, less i burn out! I want my life to reflect my hero, whom i am SO in love with - and be the Krista that I am called to be.

"Let my life be like a love song,
Let my life be like a love song,
Let my life be like a love song your heart.

I love you, my hero.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Riding a Star.

Well, The Star Newspaper, at least -

*chuckles*The above is a cover article for Star R.AGE last week! I said a lot of things....but these were the stuff that made it on print!

Aside that, a supp video was also posted on The Star Online a couple of days ago:

Lemme know what you think! Because if you think that this sort of video content appeals to the youth of this generation, shout it out! The Star is waiting for the green light and will continue with its efforts if only you SAY something!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Uncut

I got interviewed! So here's the scoop before it appears on print! ;) Not sure how much will be edited but, here's the uncut.

- when did u start playing music?

Broad question, this. I started playing music (piano, in particular), when I was 8 years old, but I'd already written my first song two years before. My mom knew basic chords on the organ (she never learnt music), and so I’d watched her ‘play by ear’ for the longest of times. Soon, the little rhymes I used to scribble on the corners of newspapers (and any other draft paper I could find) began to develop melodies and I could almost hear the music accompaniment in my head. Needless to say though, the end-product then, was horrid-sounding and poorly structured! (laughs) I’m not ashamed to say that these ‘experiments’ still go on to this day! I stopped piano lessons shortly after - when my teacher moved away. However, music was such a part of my life that I could never let it go. I kept abusing the poor black and whites, slowly teaching myself chords - as I was hopeless at reading notes. But as I progressed that way, so did my singing and songwriting. So, technically, I have no idea when I started this whole thing – it could’ve been when I was that timid 8-year-old who saw the piano as this intimidating monster with black and white teeth; or it could’ve been when I finally realized how badly I wanted music to fit into my future.

- who are ur biggest musical influences?

Yet another broad question! I wouldn’t say I’ve listened to much in my time – heck, I’m still pretty new to this (in comparison to the greats)! Seeing as I’m still discovering a sound that I’m comfortable with, I listen to a wide range of genres. But in terms of songwriting, one of my major influences would be Switchfoot, definitely. I’ve been into them since I was a wee 11 year old. My main reasons would be that their lyrics are weighty. They have a compelling story (or message) behind them - something I long to carry in my own compositions. They’re the kind of songs that you can get into at first listen, and yet at say, the tenth play, you’re still able to get that “eureka!” moment: jump up and go, “Gosh, that totally makes sense!” Other bands that have songs with weighty lyrics would be The Goo Goo Dolls, David Crowder Band, John Mayer, Lifehouse, Alanis Morisette and the likes. There are “quieter” profiles I listen to, whom I think are absolutely brilliant: Deb Talan, Ingrid Michaelson, Nizlopi (they’re pretty big in the UK), Jonatha Brooke, Damien Rice, Regina Spektor, KT Tunstall (before her fame). Aside that, I’m also quite hooked to several amazing one-hit-wonders of the ‘90s (namely stuff from The Verved Pipe, The Verve, LFO, Shawn Mullins, Semisonic, Toploader, Puddle of Mudd, etcetera) and as of late, I get my jazz fixes from Jamie Cullum, John Legend and Michael Buble! Jazz is hardly pretentious – most songs speak of life in candid thoughts; something I strive to achieve in my own music as well. I have more names to cough out but the artistes I mentioned so far are the stronger influences in Phoebe-orbit at present.

- describe your brand of music.

I can’t place a brand for my music per se. Not now, at least. I’m still discovering my sound. But recently, I’ve found myself dabbling more into acoustic stuff, especially for gigs. I doubt I’ll stay in this genre for too long though. What I see myself getting into is a fusion of funk, rock and acoustic sounds. My first few tries are going to be messy, but I intend to get there somehow!

- where do u get your inspiration to write music from?


I write about my hero, my little brother (who is autistic), relationships, love and life. I write of dreams yet achieved, about a song I’ve listened to, a dead sparrow or of a weed surviving through a fine crack in concrete. I try to relate things I see to things I’ve experienced. I’ve noticed that, with me, there is always this constant search for perfection and its owner. So from that thought-flow, I tend to write a lot about ideals and how much we fall short. For example: Personified disappointment seems to be the raging theme with me now. (laughs) What I mean to say is that I prefer to see disappointment as a person. A person I can turn away from and move on. And, yes, I confess! In secret, some of the songs I write are therapeutic for me personally. Tapping from emotions of the past can be painful when writing a song, especially when you want so badly to grab the uncut moment. But it pays off when you can come up with a piece you can be proud of!

- can u tell us some of the most memorable moments you've had when performing?

I was singing for a youth camp last December and there were about 600 participants present. I really don’t know how to describe the feeling on stage – but to be able to see that many young people singing in unison (alongside me and my band) about our passion in life was AMAZING! Something I hope I will NEVER forget should I ever take on larger audiences.

- what is the local indie music scene like these days?

It’s hard to say. The indie music scene here has been thriving as of late. I’ve had opportunities to work with great singers and musicians – so I know the quality of the field is definitely higher. To those who haven’t tested the waters, don’t be too quick to judge. You will never believe the pool of talent we have these days! I would encourage any music lover to attend a local gig or two – you’re bound to come across somebody whose music you’d love! I’ve latched on to a couple myself!

On the flipside, we’re still lacking in platform - especially one to showcase talent to scouts or agents (in particular), depending on the nature of the event. The many events that have been held so far are great and all – but the musicians and performers come away from these, surviving solely on the love for what they do and little else.

Many claim that music is an art not many can master, and if you’re good at it, they say you’re “skilled”. But that’s where it stops. In the real world, when you’re good at what you’re doing, you land a great job coupled with high retribution at that! Not so in the music scene. Eventually, indifference gets the better of many indie musicians and we are literally driven to extinction (that, or migration)! I’m just really glad that we have such a high-spirited local indie scene at the moment, and I pray it carries on for the longest time to come! I’ve got to get my breakthrough from someplace, right? (laughs)

- do u see music as a viable career in the near future?

100%, yes! The battle doesn’t lie with the musicians and performers though. The true playmakers here are the audience! If you believe in someone’s work or music, go all out! Don’t stop at being star-struck! At the very least, we’ll be able to gauge how well a particular music artiste will do by (though not solely) the following it hordes. Seeing how much crowds are publicity in itself (let’s not even begin about the stuffed up roads that are caused by onlookers who drive by an accident site at the speed of a crawl), the band is bound to attract enough attention from the right places!

On the other hand, if we’re going to religiously put shows like Malaysian Idol out of business, out of sheer skepticism, our future in music is pretty bleak! Mistakes happen, we should move on! (Something I too, am learning to do without sulking.) (laughs)


To those of you who’d like to take up music, I give you my wholehearted support! This may be a cliché but, when you get into the momentum, be the best that you can be! And even if you don’t turn out to be a virtuoso; at the very least, you would be able to recognize a good musician or performer when it comes to it. I haven’t had the opportunity to learn so much music, but the little I know has helped me to understand my dream and has helped me relate to people who make music their lifestyles. The music scene is a tough nut to crack. But working towards and achieving that breakthrough is the best part of the whole experience!

(Interview conducted by Ian Yee)

Friday, August 8, 2008

August 10th Approaches!

Tomorrow's the Day!

Our New Wave Worship Live Concert is Tomorrow Morning and I can't wait!

We've got several virtuosos, guest musicians if you will, coming down from Butterworth, Penang and Petaling Jaya, Selangor -- to help amp up the celebration!

Taking this opportunity to thank everyone for agreeing to do this with us:

-The Leo brothers, and close companions of Phinny, David and Desmond. They will be supporting us in the venerable guitarist and vocalist positions.
-The Goh siblings from UK/Butterworth. They will be presenting a short musical, as well as supporting us in the much needed violinist, syntherseizerist, and guitarist positions.
-Kevin Alphans from Taiping/Butterworth. He'll be our accoustic guitarist.
-The rest of the Taiping team. It is an honor to be serving alongside you guys!

Tonight there'll be a HUGE get together with all the musicians, and it is going to be SICK! (in every sense of the word!) Praying that we will gel as best we can come the end of the session. Covet your prayers as we step into this - that we will go forward fully knowing that this is all for our One and Only.

"Not to us, But to Your Name be the Glory."

But before the huge practice we're all gonna go fatten ourselves with unhealthy food, walk around lake gardens and the zoo, have tea by the park, talk ourselves to death - then head off to church to strain our voices and blister our fingers!

Glad everything's coming together nicely. Just like my 3m x 2m backdrop piece! Things are looking GREAT!

PASSION Came to Town!

....and I am still breathless!

Parmena just arrived from KL just now and she was still raving about everything! It was beautiful time spent and very timely too! My one and only always seem to know how to cushion my hardest of moments. My leaving KL for good was very emotional and by lunch I was feeling very heavy.

But when we got into the car to head over to Sunway that Sunday, the excitement EXPLODED! And needless to say, I had a blast of a time, because,


I am so going for the Conference in the States. Was already planning to go even before i heard Passion was coming down to Malaysia. Gotta meet David Crowder afterall, don't I?

Thanking Joshua Entol and Joshua Ong for the great pictures!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

For Kenrick Kong

Three days ago, a close pk friend of mine, Kenrick Kong, messaged me -

"hi phoebe, how's life back there?
i jz heard that u r gonna leave soon for the US, is that rite? haha i can see the little puzzle pieces forming together heh since back then. neways all the best in ur future undertakings. soar high in whtever u do. oh especially in ur singing:) cant come back 4 ur little pks gathering coz im still in singapore. Till we meet again."

You probably should know that Kenrick here has been a very good friend to me and we shared almost identical amounts of setbacks; we've watched our efforts snowballed to a puddle of melted snow - enough to fill 50 cups of slushies, we've watched peers overtake us in faster paces - all the more closer to the finishing line, we've had to counsel people about having faith in God's purpose for their futures - when ours remained somewhat stagnant, etcetera.

So Kenrick Kong, (who is in Singapore right now, completing training)

"Yup, (i'm leaving) very soon. Almost down to 20 days! I'm bummed that i won't be able to see you before i fly! But It was great of you to remember to drop me a message before i did. We've both had very similar tales and were both struggling through it; half-clawing, half-dreaming but always believing for better days. And here they are, Kenrick! Here they are! I can hardly believe it! We gotta mamak someday and share a round of stories of how sulky and grieved we (once) were and then laugh it all up! I've definitely grown some and I know you have too! Here's believing you have a great future ahead of you (too) and that God be at the helms that we couldn't control in the first place!"All my best,
Phoebe Lee Mathius.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gig Off!

Sorry, guys!

Organizers have just informed me that the Menara See Hoy Chan gig has just been postponed to a possible date in October!

I've lost many a gig to evil October, actually: Missed a half hour show at No Black Tie, and now this.

Meanwhile, the excitement of my takeoff continues to brew!

You'll hear from me when things look a little less dull. *laughs*


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Phoebe Got (or might have) Gig!

Yeah, you read right! Phoebe Got Gig! (or thinks she has one) Again!

Photography by Aaron Sim. Look him up on Facebook.

This will be my last performance on Malaysian shores. That is, when i have confirmed details of the gig.

So for now, keep August the 2nd free for me alright? I'll let you know if i'm still on the performer's list when they get back to me. Everything should go as planned though. =)

It'll be in town again, I've heard. In Menara See Hoy Chan. Where's that? Here.

Yeah, try clicking that. It could help. *laughs*

The When: August 2nd, 2008 (Saturday)
The Hour: Not sure. Reckon it'll be at night.
The Where: Menara See Hoy Chan
The How: Clickity-click!

Come Support?

Post-Script: A HUGE Thank you to those who came to watch my FEEDBACK open mic performance at Cloth&Clef in Changkat Bukit Bintang! I truly appreciate your morale support - it helped a ton- what with beastly butterflies and moths attacking my poor innards... That and other stage-frightish occurences. I love and appreciate you all!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Phoebe Got Gig! (Update)

I'm performing again....

FEEDBACK Open Mic Sessions

Venue: Cloth&Clef
Address: #30, Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
(on Changkat Bukit Bintang facing Frangipani)
Time: 9:30pm onwards
Date: 12th July, 2008 (Saturday)

It's featuring some of Malaysia's better music artistes; showcasing the likes of Rendra Zawawi, Reza Salleh and Ana Raffali. Come Support?

Cloth & Clef Page (Courtesy of KLue):

FEEDBACK Open Mic Sessions Events Page on Facebook:

Of IQ tests and last days of work.

Here's a little humor to entertain you today.

I took a free IQ test!

Why did I do it? Because of my colleague, Lun.

Lun is at the far right. Next to me. On my left and in the grad-gown is Glenn. He graduated that Saturday. On his left is Hing, who left for National Service 2 weeks before. At the far left, is my glowing Boss, Catherine. She's due ANYTIME this month!

(Today's my last day of work here at TAR College. I'm going to miss everybody dearly.)

Anyway, back to matters at hand. *clears throat* Lun wanted to take a free IQ test. So I googled one for him and he sat for it. After he got his score, I thought, what-the-hey, and decided to take the test too! And my results were:

Quick IQ Test

And that means....

...I'd only JUST made it into the Gifted Category, nestling myself comfortably among the 2.3% of other gifted test takers. (According to their IQ Test Score Guide) Lovely space! *chuckles*

What a load of rubbish!

I must say though, I just whacked out at the math questions but scored at linguistics and visual-related IQ questions. This just goes to confirm that I am DEFINITELY more right-brained than left. *smiles*

You feel like taking it too? I'm sure you'd prolly do better than me, so by all means, go ahead!

More updates later!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Phoebe Got Gig! (or Saturdays)

As many of you know, I performed for the Open Mic Sessions at Acoustic LiveHouse, Urbanscapes at KLPAC two Saturdays ago. The aftermath? None to show at the mo. No pictures, no videos. Haha, but I will share something funny that happened last Saturday though.

(Via Text Messaging)
Esther Lin: Phoebe, I just saw you on RTM1 (tv)!
Phoebe: WHAT?!
Esther Lin: You were singing. (Advertisement) It was just a moment. You and your band.

I never got to watch it. *smiles*

In other news, my final day of employment with the big TARC is this Wednesday! I'm going to be concentrating on some personal projects between the now and takeoff! This includes video-editing, illustrating, plasticine-and-ceramic-molding, dating and performing!

Speaking of which, I have a gig in town this Saturday actually! More details to follow when I have some to give.

So that's the snippet of The Phoebe Show for now. Stay Tuned for more! *chuckles*

Thanks. Really.

I've been so touched. My Selayang friends, and vocal students took me out for supper, where they made me drink a tall glass of durian and watermelon gunk! It was heavy, let me tell you! I was burping durian for the rest of the night! They planned a proper farewell in The Curve for yesterday, but there was news that a riot would happen so that got cancelled. But that itself, made me feel loved!

My church girls are celebrating my farewell soon. In August. And i absolutely look forward to that. I have no idea what's in store, but them just planning something like that for me.... makes me feel even more heavy to part. They've been practically family to me! You guys know who you are! *winks*

My ShekinahKids are planning something for me come end of this month.....I can feel it! I've already received an invitation to attend and am excited to hang out with them! My sisters are buying me my bus-ticket down to Taiping! (Which is totally awesome, saving me a trip all the way down to Pudu Raya.)

End of Phoebe Show transmission. for now.

My Future Decided

Like i blogged a couple of months ago (and just to refresh memories here), I am going to the States....soon.

How soon?

That soon!

The countdown's begun and it is freaking me out. I have a little more than a month to visit/hangout/sleepover/talk/mamak with all my friends who can be available between now and take-off, chill with my family, and to pack, pack, PACK! Gosh.... just typing the word "PACK" already makes me feel exhausted! I've got a major pile of rubbish at my temporary abode in Wangsa Maju, and I hate the thought of having to fold everything up and bag it. Gah. The inanity of it all!

But oh well. Nothing has ever come easy and it's not about to start. I just have to grin and bear with, cause I have the most incredible future ahead of me. I just know it!

Ever grateful to my One and Only for paving the way for me to go overseas. You're so amazing. No words can describe how complete you make me feel, even in my times of fear, frustration and sorrow. The partial sponsorship was a pleasant surprise and just your way of encouraging me and I promise to do my bestest!

And the excitement continues to brew! My University application went by in a flash, so did my VISA. (Although it was quite a hassling process!) Even that has already been approved and my flight ticket's confirmed. There are people in Minnesota who are expecting me even! And me? I'm almost exploding!

So much to do, so much to say..... and hardly any time to do everything. I'll be away for two years, you see. Gotta make sure i leave a sizeable imprint on the lives of the people around me before i fly, less i return to a bunch of strangers! *laughs*

That's it for the Phoebe Show. Come back and look for updates!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Passion Is Coming to Town!

Guys, PASSION is happening gabsmack in KL! If you haven't already registered for passes online, DO IT NOW! It's going FAST!

It's going to be an amazing event schooled for the collegiate generation - facilitated by the likes of Louie Giglio (!!!), David Crowder (!!!!), Charlie Hall, Chris Tomlin, etc. - welcoming us to Jesus; in the most amazing of perspectives - periscopes that finally gives us some semblance of coherence so as to resolve the confusion that is us. I guarantee God will blow us all away! And I'm excited!


I am. It's been an event I've been waiting for since I was a wee eleven year old lass. Just about the time i discovered my other love...


Feeling a little deluged in nostalgia at the moment. Musn't let myself go too deep.

*chuckles* I just might kill us all.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Writings

This happened awhile back actually. Some of my short fiction pieces have been featured on this website called:

To read them or just browse through, click "Short Fictions" and scroll (middle scroller) all the way down to the bottom.

There should be a list of my stuff down there somewhere.

Alternatively, you can view the "text only" page, by clicking here:

There are stories with elements of death and suicide merely because they were initially writing assignments for an english class. I just thought I've spent too much time on them and that it deserves a little public eye and critique. Feel free to browse and make comments!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Phoebe is playing for the Open Mic Sessions this Saturday (28th June, 2008) at KL Performing Arts Center. I'll be up between 1:30 - 3:30pm. Come Support?

Check out the Event's Schedules here!

How to get there?

General Details:

Facebook Group:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From Vincent

The SleepOver Aftermath.

Thanks Vincent.
ou're the coolest 21 year old I know.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

11th May, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, Mom (and to all the great mothers, I know!)

Phoebe Lee Mathius

Saturday, April 12, 2008


It flew.


In little or no time at all.

My temper.

Pointless justifying it.

I ache so when i type this.

My weakness, my fury.

I'm sorry.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Breakable By Ingrid Michaelson

Have you ever thought about
what protects our hearts?
Just a cage of rib bones
and other various parts.

So it's fairly simple
to cut right through the mess,
And to stop the muscle
that makes us confess.

And we are so fragile,
And our cracking bones make noise,
And we are just,
girls and boys.

You fasten my seatbelt
because it is the law.
In your two ton death trap
I finally saw.
A piece of love in your face
that bathed me in regret.
Then you drove me to places
I'll never forget.

And we are so fragile,
And our cracking bones make noise,
And we are just,
girls and boys.

Monday, March 31, 2008

My Wacky Birthday

As promised, an entry of one of the craziest birthdays I'd ever had! These were some of the most awesome gifts I have ever received in my entire Phoestory!

A pink handbag. (Note: PINK) Thanks Michelle Foo!
A handrawn card (entirely by pencil) attached to a banana cake. Thanks Jamie Khoo!

I am so totally crazy over this one! A gecko night lamp from THAILAND! Thanks Raymond & Suresh!

Ceramic Fuzzy Birthday Bear. (Note: Fuzzy yet CERAMIC) Thanks Parmena!

Editted photo. (Note: YELLOW CAR!! *smack*) Fantastic photoshopping by Tabbies. Thanks love!

MY WOODEN GIRAFFE. (Note: WOODEN GIRRAFFEEE!!!) It's about one metre tall! Thanks again Tabitha Ong!

Red hair. (Note: RED) Absolutely went beserk over this surprise! Thank you, dear. You know who you are.

[Green retro beads from ENVEE. No picture available. Yet.]
I love them to shreds! Thanks Seetha & Melissa!

[Big, big white towel worth RM30. Picture not available. Yet.]
Witty, witty gift from Joash and May. Thank You!

I truly felt loved! I love suprises and unique taste in gifts. I almost never care about the price tag - although i do acknowledge my friends who have parted with many a dollar to put a smile on my face. Nevertheless, I'm glad you guys are just up my alley. And all I feel right now, is love.

Thank you guys, for an awesome birthday!

What have I accomplished?

It's crazy how time passes. It's the end of March, as it is. Didn't we just celebrate the new year?

I turned 22, two thursdays ago. (I received some pretty wacky gifts, by the way and will blog about them sometime soon.) But where did all my years go? What, on purple earth, have i been doing? I don't so much as HAVE bragging rights to having completed...ANYTHING!

I'm supposed to be leaving for America this Fall. Fall seemed so far away a couple of months back. But now... it's a measely 5 months away. 5 months and I'm leaving. How did it become so soon?

It scares me how i'm never really in control of my life. Especially the timeline. I mean, sure, i can plan. Hardly anything goes my way though. I don't wanna just be the spectator. I wanna be etching milestones and planting them at every mile. I wanna be leaving a legacy....proper!

If i die today, would i ever be able to live with myself-in-the-eternal-realm knowing that all I've done was watch time pass me by?

I feel like I'm running out of time - and at most times, i feel like i am THIS close to hitting the "panic" button. and just...





Nevertheless, no matter how inadequate i am at running my life, it is a blessed assurance to know that I have a Hero who's watching my back. Never let me go.

Currently, listening to: "Jesus, take the wheel." - Kerry Underwood

Thursday, March 27, 2008

True Malaysian

There is a rat infestation around my apartment area - leaving me most grateful that i live on the fourth floor. (Before, it's just been me grumbling all the way up those bleeding steps.) HOWEVER, this isn't the story.

We have about three regular domesticated felines royally parking their soft, fuzzy behinds outside our doors and on the steps; patrolling the pavements of my block with dainty, annoying paws. You'd think... (yes, YOU!) You'd at least THINK they'd serve as a comfort somewhat; well, simply leaning full-body-weight onto the very logic that cats eat rats. (Garfield is a slob. Not counted.)

But for the benefit of my readers who got sidetracked by that Garfield comment, let's just say that again.


LIES! All of it!
For I, Phoebe Lee Mathius, have with mine own eyes, beheld the very treachery of the feline-moronic-beings. They betray us! They betray us!

Here! My account of the atrocious crime:

We had just arrived at the foot of our building, my sister and i, and were walking through the Rat Crossing alley. (We've named it that now as it is not uncommon for us to see up to 3 FAT rabid, crusty-furred rodents running by; one of them randomly looking up at us with a quick "hello-how-do-you-do" nod, before heading off their merry way, disappearing into the deep, deep darkness - leaving very little trace of their pilgrimage. Some claim to have seen the tiny, glowing halos hovering over their heads.)

*Skin crawls*

Seeing as we almost always bump into a rat or two at the Crossing, we usually stop to wait for the demonic creatures to pass (not unlike waiting to cross the road). But today, hoho, today! When we came upon the Crossing, there were two cats by us (it was a very busy freeway that night, you see)! We looked at each other, my sister and i, and declared (telepathically, of course), "Today, we will triumph over all rodent-kind! Death to the Rabid Rodents!...


And we watched and watched in earnest, as the cats approached the Crossing. To our already miserable and unfortunate existence, (or in other words - utter, utter ... bewilderment) (some may even refer to this as an "out-of-body experience"), they STOPPED! They stopped to wait. Just like we did! As if there was a bleeding traffic light hanging somewheres, and it had just turned bleeding RED! Gah!

As the three RATS (perhaps the very same ones) ran by, wagging their insulting tails behind them, I squatted by a brown-gold like feline and with pleading eyes, begged: "Do as you have been destined! Go! I charge thee! Let there be a massacre! Let today be written on the history books of Rodentdom forever! Let there be....


All to no avail.

I hung my head in shame, for all felines, that night. And as we walked through the Crossing, I turned to my sister and mumbled in my bereavement, "Apparently, in this new era, cats and rats live in peace and harmony..."

My little sister pats my back in act of consolation and said to me that night what i believe to be true words of wisdom. Wisdom beyond her years.

"They be true blue Malaysians."

Ya heard?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Random Conversation

I went to the next building to buy myself some thick, gooey mango juice.

PersonSellingJuice: What can I get you?

HappyPhoebe: Ice blended Mango Juice!

PersonSellingJuice: With Ice?

BlurPhoebe: ....

And mind you, THIS he did on two separate occassions, weeks apart. I thought it was blurness the first time, or him just making sure of the order; but now...

Reality Check

Hey, broken pride
Did reality and nightmare finally coincide?
did you ever imagine that the day we died,
I'd never, never be his bride?

O dream, short-lived!
Each breath, you sting!
Why were we convinced? I believed!
How did we end up a blasphemous fling?

Butter fingers, butter fingers
how quickly our hearts intertwined, released
Its desperate final grasps of hope
nothing lingers, nothing lingers
Broken pride, I'm dead! Are you pleased?

Are you pleased NOW? Or am I?
Now, in thick darkness,
I grope...
I hope...
you DOPE!

MEND! I charge you! Mend!
You broken thing of the past!
My hatred, my friend.
You shattered thing in my rib-cage
Barely beating; barely.....barely AGED!
Mend! I charge YOU!!!!

You're bigger than this, I tell you.
You're stronger than this!
Love as you perceived it was pure bliss
But where are we now? What is this?

Foolish, foolish
broken pride.
Foolish, foolish, foolish.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Star Online Newspaper

Sunday March 2, 2008
Slammin’ time with poetry
Malaysia’s first ever Poetry Slam was held in a trendy nightspot, cool people turned up, and fun was had. Who said poetry’s only for tortured souls with no social life?
YOU know, I rather enjoyed telling people what I did last Saturday. When they asked me about my night, I’d say, “Oh, I went to the Poetry Slam.”
Then I’d casually mention that it was held at The Loft at Zouk nightclub and watch their eyes bulge disbelievingly. Ahnaf? Club? Huh? Ahnaf doesn’t have a social life!
A high score from Phoebe Lee Mathius, one of the judges randomly picked from the Slam audience.

So ... on Feb 23, Malaysia had its first ever Poetry Slam, organised by Dram Projects with the support of Singapore-based literary organisation, WordForward. And by the end of the night, I was definitely noticing a pattern in people’s responses.
“So how was the Slam?” I’d ask them.
“Good,” they’d say. “Good ? very good ? good?.” Well, there was also an “excellent” thrown in for variety.
Slamming is not reading. In a Slam, poets compete against each other for up to three rounds. There aren’t any professional judges; instead, audience members are randomly chosen to give scores.
Given our kambing culture, I was expecting Malaysians to shy away from this kind of involvement. Well, I was wrong.

Malaysia’s inaugural Poetry Slam winner, George Wielgus, aka Mighty Jah-J, showing the rest how it’s done. – Photos by IBRAHIM MOHTAR / The Star

Things did start slow – the event was supposed to start at 7pm, but with typical Malaysian savoir-faire the poets waltzed in after 8pm – but by nine-ish the crowd had swelled to almost 200 people. It was a tight squeeze, but judging from all the talking, laughing, and cheering, no one minded.

Nine brave idio– er, individuals joined the first round. The Slam fell on the anniversary of poet John Keats’s death (if you went, “John who?”, shame on you, look him up on Wikipedia ? like I had to), so every poem in the first round had to use a line from Keats.
Strangely enough, the three girls in the group put on rather limp shows: Sheena Baharudin, 25, gave a ho-hum reading; Nurul Hamizah Muhamad, 20, put on some rather half-hearted sass; and an elegantly-dressed 30-something Kathleen Choo failed to impress with a morbidly melodramatic love poem that had the audience impatiently snapping their fingers.
Which left six guys for round two. Joe Hafiz, 28, went from a cute rumination on his New Year weight-loss resolution to a more serious, introspective poem. Unfortunately, his rather muted delivery couldn’t carry him into the next round.
Hugo Yap, 19, followed up his earlier irreverent, whimsical verse with some short, raw angst. I liked its directness, but his nervousness was evident and flattened his delivery, torpedoing his shot at round three.
The four guys who made it to the last round had much stronger stage presences. Nick Green, 19, took fourth place with some brief poems that were more swagger than substance, but entertaining anyway.
Just a shade away from second place was See Tshiung Han, 27, whose long, meditative poems completely escaped me, but whose earnest, intellectual demeanour thoroughly convinced me of their quality.
First runner-up was Reza Rosli, 28, who played the sincere, oh-so-shy underdog. He had some interesting images and topics, like his first poem about crabs (the animal, not the disease).
The undisputed champion, though, was George Wielgus, 24. Wielgus’ poems (Wine, Women, and Weed, Word Porn, and Civil Disobedience) were a bit one-track – too many references to sex and booze and everything else people talk about when they think they’re being rebellious – but he was an outrageously gripping and entertaining performer. The man can certainly hold a crowd!
“I love people having a good time,” he said later. “People were laughing, clapping, cheering – I love being able to do that for people.”
Wielgus also said that he didn’t really care about the marks since it was all quite subjective, though he admitted that getting them was “nerve-wracking”.
For the audience, though, it was a completely enjoyable experience.

“I actually found it really, really fun,” said Phoebe Lee Mathius, one of the randomly selected judges. “You have to pay attention to other things, not just the words, like performance, the way they are, expressions.?”
What did she look for while judging? The “poet’s heart’s voice”, she replied, noting that sometimes you could really feel a poet pouring him or herself into the poem.

The people behind the Slam were certainly happy, with WordForward’s Chris Mooney-Singh calling it a “good opening gambit”, and a Zouk marketing employee saying that the club would definitely host the event again.
“What I was really happy about,” said the organiser, Dram Projects’ Daphne Lee, in a later e-mail, “Was that the audience wasn’t made up of the people I usually see at other local spoken-word events.
“It’s what Chris and I hoped for, that we’d attract a different crowd of people because of the venue and the nature of the event.”
The Point, as the Slam slogan goes, is not the Points; the Point is the Poetry. But really, I felt the point was actually Fun. People weren’t swanning around with lit degrees and dissecting every syllable, they were out to have a good time – and they had it.
So, if you’re looking to join the fun, or if like me, you need the illusion of a social life, look out in April for the next KL Poetry Slam – and invite me along!
This story may be found at *click!*
(Star Online Newspaper)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Switchfoot Rocked the Boat!

Thursday February 7, 2008
Positive vibrations

Switchfoot played Kuala Lumpur on the last stop of their Oh! Gravity tour.

Switchfoot turned up the volume for clean-cut rock action during its KL visit last week.
DON’T pity us,” said Switchfoot lead vocalist Jon Foreman as he sat relaxed with his surfing buddies and band mates in the room full of reporters, just an hour after stepping off the plane from Singapore.
The very tanned five best friends from San Diego, California, hadn’t had anything to eat, appeared tired, but were in surprisingly high spirits.
“We sort of organised this tour around surfing. We got to surf in places we’ve never been to before, like Bali, so don’t pity us,” he reiterated with a laugh.
Jon and his brother Tim (bass, backup vocals), Chad Butler (drums), Drew Shirley (guitar) and Jerome Fontamillas (guitar, keyboard, backup vocals) were on the last stop of their Oh! Gravity tour, after performing in Singapore, Jakarta, Bali and New Zealand.
Notorious for their intensive touring, they were visibly excited to be in Kuala Lumpur for the first time.
While many bands crumble after a few years, forced to perform songs they don’t even like and becoming jaded, Switchfoot remain down to earth, thanks to the incredible friendship they share.
“We’re like brothers of different mothers. We’re best buds,” said Jon. The guys even have their own surfing team back home in San Diego.
Switchfoot has recently become an independent band, after severing ties with Columbia Records.
“We’re in the middle of building our studio in San Diego, and plan to make the next few records there. It’s really exciting because now we can do whatever we want, there’s nothing in our way anymore,” expressed Jon.
The guys also have big hearts, being heavily involved in charity.
During their last tour they raised US$100,000 (RM330,000) to build houses for the poor through the charity Habitat For Humanity.
Throughout the band’s concert at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre last Saturday, it felt like a mamak session with friends – the spoke of the mysteries of life and agonised over why there are inconsistencies in the world.
That’s just what these surfer dudes are about – six albums into their music careers, they are questioning their surroundings, “politics of the heart”, and life in general.
A stellar set of 15 songs enthralled the young crowd of 2,000 – however the fervour shown by the fans almost made it sound like there were 10,000 people in the enclosed, non-smoking hall. The KL show was organised by One Armed Productions.
After making a grand entrance clad in good ol’ jeans and T-shirts, and declaring “Mari kita rock sungguh-sungguh’ (let’s rock hard), the guys tore into the hit from their latest album of the same name, Oh! Gravity.
From then on, it was an hour and a half of intense rock concert perfection.
The band, which has played more than 1,000 shows around the world, is one of those rare bands that sound better live, interacting with the audience and just having heaps of good, clean fun.
Switchfoot’s slower songs like On Fire, Only Hope (from the A Walk to Remember soundtrack) and This is Your Life showcased Jon’s excellent vocals, but the band was in its element during the more upbeat songs like American Dream, Awakening, Dirty Second Hands, Stars and We Are One Tonight.
As the evening drew to a close at 10.30pm, the band sent goose bumps through the crowd with its hit Meant to Live.
Leaving the stage briefly, the band returned with Jon donning an “I Love KL” T-shirt. These energetic rockers fittingly ended the concert with the anthem Dare You to Move, which sent the crowd into a frenzy.
Rest assured, nobody left this concert disappointed.

Find this story here.
(Excerpt taken from The Star Online Newspaper)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Switchfoot Concert


Ooooh. Let's see that again.



'Nough said 'bout the concert, i suppose. The turnout wasn't that great...but to heck with that! I'm just grateful to the guys who brought them down, Kok Wing Meng and Love Me Butch, Phoebe the opportunity to hear her Switchfoot, live! Especially in her Moments of Low, her February of Sorrow. *chuckles*

A Huge THANK YOU to my dearest friends, Raymond and Suresh, for getting me the ticket for Christmas! Nobody else could top that off!

*smiles headily*

I knew 2008 was the beginning of better things. It'll be alright, you'll see.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Freedom Talk

I'm free.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wearing a Mask

An editting session.
Jumbled up a couple of filters on CS2.
So here's the before and after.
Just getting to know the darned software.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Don't Know Why I Didn't Come

It's definitely too late for apologies so i shan't bother. I wasn't here for Christmas and neither was I for New Year's. Sue me.

Decembers have always been and always will be my most occupied time of the year. And if it were a race, my Januaries would come in second. But i'm not being read for my daft excuses as to how busy I was the past couple of months, neither am i being read for my boo-hoo reasons of why i shouldn't have even started a blog anyway due to my severe lack of discipline for it.

Come to think of it, I have no idea why i'm still being read. (Using this opportunity to thank the two of you who log on religiously to get your daily supply of Pocket Tissues.) All I know is, it's a new year.

Gosh, I have to let that sink in. It's a new year!

Too late to mourn for lost time, too late to make resolutions, too late for apologies. What's my new year good for? At least, that was the exasperating question that has been swirling off the top of my cranium for the past few days. It isn't anymore.

I have been suffering gastiritis for the past week. That's what the doc said anyway. Well technically, no. He suspected indisgestion, but experienced buddies told me that it was really gastric pains that was sending my stomach AWOL. Nothing Actal pills couldn't cure though.


I've always just suspected that it was an insurgence of little purple smurfs, having the time of their lives just hacking away at the walls of my fragile stomach.

It's my stomach. I have a say too.

But going through the pain for a week, I felt almost robbed of my time. There was just so much i wanted to do, but i was so restricted by my cage of pain then that all i could do was just sit around and be sick all day. I couldn't so much as breathe without aching. i resolved to thinking instead. Brilliant idea, right?


"What's the new year for then?" I interrogate myself. Do i feel any 'newer'? Do I forget mistakes of the past and press on with much valor only to make new ones? And if one is allowed to be sarcastic, the purpose of the new year would be: EXASPERATION. Hah!

Truthfully, I think I'm just tired at the fact that I'm human. I'm exhausted at the thought of making my kajillionth mistake for the kajillionth time! But then again, who isn't tired? Why be like everybody else? Why be tired? Why be human for that matter?


So yeah, gastric-smurfaritis does that to people. It causes you to think of things you really don't want to. they cause you to make heavy attempts at answering rhetorical questions. They cause you to think like the loneliest, and the most insignificant person on the planet - and then when it leaves....

.....Hoho, if the bleeding pain ever leaves, it leaves you in want... in the sickening desire to actually have answers to impossible questions.


I miss being human in my innocence. I miss being able to be human and still dream. I miss being human and the ability to be reckless.

Lord, help me learn from my mistakes. Not cower behind the fact that I've done them and suffered the ugly consequences.

Lord, help me live.
Lord, I can't wait for the Switchfoot concert!

So, what's my new year for?
For unborn ideas waiting to be delivered.
For dreams yet to be dreamt.
For goals yet to be achieved.
For love yet to be conceived.
For healing yet to complete.
For mistakes yet to occur.
For friends yet to be made.
For the God yet to be experienced.

And all bleeding thanks to gastric-smurfaritis! Hurrah!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Freedom Talk

A day I wish never was.

Nevertheless, it's a good time to forget.

It's a good time to forgive.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Compositions : I Lose

by Phoebe Lee Mathius

You're my design
I made you the way you are
You'll never find
Someone other

Prechorus I:
Still you go away
in your impatience
all i can say is stay
and promise you aviation, my love
i promise you aviation, my love

So i lose you to
Things i don't compete with
Things i thought would never precede me
So i lose you toa beautiful discovery
So tangible, So carefree
mesmerizing you
away from me
away from me

You are my dream
I saw you the way you are
You'll never seem
like someone other

Prechorus II:
Still you steal away
in your disillusion
Don't go, please stay
I promise you aviation, my love
I promise you aviation, my love

So i lose you to
Things i don't compete with
Things i thought would never precede me
So i lose you toa beautiful discovery
So tangible, So carefree
mesmerizing you
away from me
away from me...

New Compositions : You Inside Me

by Phoebe Lee Mathius

Just like the heels that kill my soles
Iniquity - it bores a hole
Into my heart
Into my head
Alive yet faint
Breathing yet dead

Just like the hurt that hides behind my smile
Dishonesty torments me all the while
stabbing my lungs
wounding my mind
let me escape
oh, let me find....

fill the void building in-
you covered and you saved
You Inside Me

Chorus 2:
clear the hate building in-
you colored and you said you loved
You Inside Me

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Rumour is True!

Switchfoot to rock Malaysia

SURF'S up Malaysia! Modern rock outfit Switchfoot will be hitting our shores for the first time on Feb 2 so don't miss this opportunity to catch this American act live at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (Hall 4).
Known for energetic live performances, the band, consisting of Jon Foreman (vocals, guitar), Tim Foreman (bass), Chad Butler (drums), Jerome Fontamillas (guitar, keyboards, backing vox) and Drew Shirley (guitar) will be bringing on ‘The Switchfoot sound’ – a melodic crunch of densely layered noise which includes electronic experimentation, hard-driving guitar riffs and a few spacey ballads for good measure.

Rock outfit Switchfoot will be performing at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur on Feb 2.
The San Diego-raised band members are also avid surfers and got their name from a surfing term and gained mainstream recognition with the 2003 album The Beautiful Letdown, which has sold 2.3 million copies and featured hit singles such as Meant To Live and Dare You To Move.
Switchfoot was formed way back in 1996 and its latest effort Oh! Gravity was released at the tail end of 2006.
Switchfoot's concert in Kuala Lumpur on Feb 2 is presented by One Armed Productions.
Opening act is Love Me Butch. Tickets, now on sale, are priced at RM123 (pre-sale) and available at Axcess Tickets counters. Hotline is 03-7711 5000.
Browse ( or ( for ticket outlets across the country.

Find this story online. Here.