Tuesday, July 29, 2008

For Kenrick Kong

Three days ago, a close pk friend of mine, Kenrick Kong, messaged me -

"hi phoebe, how's life back there?
i jz heard that u r gonna leave soon for the US, is that rite? haha i can see the little puzzle pieces forming together heh since back then. neways all the best in ur future undertakings. soar high in whtever u do. oh especially in ur singing:) cant come back 4 ur little pks gathering coz im still in singapore. Till we meet again."

You probably should know that Kenrick here has been a very good friend to me and we shared almost identical amounts of setbacks; we've watched our efforts snowballed to a puddle of melted snow - enough to fill 50 cups of slushies, we've watched peers overtake us in faster paces - all the more closer to the finishing line, we've had to counsel people about having faith in God's purpose for their futures - when ours remained somewhat stagnant, etcetera.

So Kenrick Kong, (who is in Singapore right now, completing training)

"Yup, (i'm leaving) very soon. Almost down to 20 days! I'm bummed that i won't be able to see you before i fly! But It was great of you to remember to drop me a message before i did. We've both had very similar tales and were both struggling through it; half-clawing, half-dreaming but always believing for better days. And here they are, Kenrick! Here they are! I can hardly believe it! We gotta mamak someday and share a round of stories of how sulky and grieved we (once) were and then laugh it all up! I've definitely grown some and I know you have too! Here's believing you have a great future ahead of you (too) and that God be at the helms that we couldn't control in the first place!"All my best,
Phoebe Lee Mathius.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gig Off!

Sorry, guys!

Organizers have just informed me that the Menara See Hoy Chan gig has just been postponed to a possible date in October!

I've lost many a gig to evil October, actually: Missed a half hour show at No Black Tie, and now this.

Meanwhile, the excitement of my takeoff continues to brew!

You'll hear from me when things look a little less dull. *laughs*


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Phoebe Got (or might have) Gig!

Yeah, you read right! Phoebe Got Gig! (or thinks she has one) Again!

Photography by Aaron Sim. Look him up on Facebook.

This will be my last performance on Malaysian shores. That is, when i have confirmed details of the gig.

So for now, keep August the 2nd free for me alright? I'll let you know if i'm still on the performer's list when they get back to me. Everything should go as planned though. =)

It'll be in town again, I've heard. In Menara See Hoy Chan. Where's that? Here.

Yeah, try clicking that. It could help. *laughs*

The When: August 2nd, 2008 (Saturday)
The Hour: Not sure. Reckon it'll be at night.
The Where: Menara See Hoy Chan
The How: Clickity-click!

Come Support?

Post-Script: A HUGE Thank you to those who came to watch my FEEDBACK open mic performance at Cloth&Clef in Changkat Bukit Bintang! I truly appreciate your morale support - it helped a ton- what with beastly butterflies and moths attacking my poor innards... That and other stage-frightish occurences. I love and appreciate you all!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Phoebe Got Gig! (Update)

I'm performing again....

FEEDBACK Open Mic Sessions

Venue: Cloth&Clef
Address: #30, Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
(on Changkat Bukit Bintang facing Frangipani)
Time: 9:30pm onwards
Date: 12th July, 2008 (Saturday)

It's featuring some of Malaysia's better music artistes; showcasing the likes of Rendra Zawawi, Reza Salleh and Ana Raffali. Come Support?

Cloth & Clef Page (Courtesy of KLue):

FEEDBACK Open Mic Sessions Events Page on Facebook:

Of IQ tests and last days of work.

Here's a little humor to entertain you today.

I took a free IQ test!

Why did I do it? Because of my colleague, Lun.

Lun is at the far right. Next to me. On my left and in the grad-gown is Glenn. He graduated that Saturday. On his left is Hing, who left for National Service 2 weeks before. At the far left, is my glowing Boss, Catherine. She's due ANYTIME this month!

(Today's my last day of work here at TAR College. I'm going to miss everybody dearly.)

Anyway, back to matters at hand. *clears throat* Lun wanted to take a free IQ test. So I googled one for him and he sat for it. After he got his score, I thought, what-the-hey, and decided to take the test too! And my results were:

Quick IQ Test

And that means....

...I'd only JUST made it into the Gifted Category, nestling myself comfortably among the 2.3% of other gifted test takers. (According to their IQ Test Score Guide) Lovely space! *chuckles*

What a load of rubbish!

I must say though, I just whacked out at the math questions but scored at linguistics and visual-related IQ questions. This just goes to confirm that I am DEFINITELY more right-brained than left. *smiles*

You feel like taking it too? I'm sure you'd prolly do better than me, so by all means, go ahead!


More updates later!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Phoebe Got Gig! (or Saturdays)

As many of you know, I performed for the Open Mic Sessions at Acoustic LiveHouse, Urbanscapes at KLPAC two Saturdays ago. The aftermath? None to show at the mo. No pictures, no videos. Haha, but I will share something funny that happened last Saturday though.

(Via Text Messaging)
Esther Lin: Phoebe, I just saw you on RTM1 (tv)!
Phoebe: WHAT?!
Esther Lin: You were singing. (Advertisement) It was just a moment. You and your band.

I never got to watch it. *smiles*

In other news, my final day of employment with the big TARC is this Wednesday! I'm going to be concentrating on some personal projects between the now and takeoff! This includes video-editing, illustrating, plasticine-and-ceramic-molding, dating and performing!

Speaking of which, I have a gig in town this Saturday actually! More details to follow when I have some to give.

So that's the snippet of The Phoebe Show for now. Stay Tuned for more! *chuckles*

Thanks. Really.

I've been so touched. My Selayang friends, and vocal students took me out for supper, where they made me drink a tall glass of durian and watermelon gunk! It was heavy, let me tell you! I was burping durian for the rest of the night! They planned a proper farewell in The Curve for yesterday, but there was news that a riot would happen so that got cancelled. But that itself, made me feel loved!

My church girls are celebrating my farewell soon. In August. And i absolutely look forward to that. I have no idea what's in store, but them just planning something like that for me.... makes me feel even more heavy to part. They've been practically family to me! You guys know who you are! *winks*

My ShekinahKids are planning something for me come end of this month.....I can feel it! I've already received an invitation to attend and am excited to hang out with them! My sisters are buying me my bus-ticket down to Taiping! (Which is totally awesome, saving me a trip all the way down to Pudu Raya.)

End of Phoebe Show transmission. for now.

My Future Decided

Like i blogged a couple of months ago (and just to refresh memories here), I am going to the States....soon.

How soon?

That soon!

The countdown's begun and it is freaking me out. I have a little more than a month to visit/hangout/sleepover/talk/mamak with all my friends who can be available between now and take-off, chill with my family, and to pack, pack, PACK! Gosh.... just typing the word "PACK" already makes me feel exhausted! I've got a major pile of rubbish at my temporary abode in Wangsa Maju, and I hate the thought of having to fold everything up and bag it. Gah. The inanity of it all!

But oh well. Nothing has ever come easy and it's not about to start. I just have to grin and bear with, cause I have the most incredible future ahead of me. I just know it!

Ever grateful to my One and Only for paving the way for me to go overseas. You're so amazing. No words can describe how complete you make me feel, even in my times of fear, frustration and sorrow. The partial sponsorship was a pleasant surprise and just your way of encouraging me and I promise to do my bestest!

And the excitement continues to brew! My University application went by in a flash, so did my VISA. (Although it was quite a hassling process!) Even that has already been approved and my flight ticket's confirmed. There are people in Minnesota who are expecting me even! And me? I'm almost exploding!

So much to do, so much to say..... and hardly any time to do everything. I'll be away for two years, you see. Gotta make sure i leave a sizeable imprint on the lives of the people around me before i fly, less i return to a bunch of strangers! *laughs*

That's it for the Phoebe Show. Come back and look for updates!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Passion Is Coming to Town!

Guys, PASSION is happening gabsmack in KL! If you haven't already registered for passes online, DO IT NOW! It's going FAST!

It's going to be an amazing event schooled for the collegiate generation - facilitated by the likes of Louie Giglio (!!!), David Crowder (!!!!), Charlie Hall, Chris Tomlin, etc. - welcoming us to Jesus; in the most amazing of perspectives - periscopes that finally gives us some semblance of coherence so as to resolve the confusion that is us. I guarantee God will blow us all away! And I'm excited!


I am. It's been an event I've been waiting for since I was a wee eleven year old lass. Just about the time i discovered my other love...


Feeling a little deluged in nostalgia at the moment. Musn't let myself go too deep.

*chuckles* I just might kill us all.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Writings

This happened awhile back actually. Some of my short fiction pieces have been featured on this website called:


To read them or just browse through, click "Short Fictions" and scroll (middle scroller) all the way down to the bottom.

There should be a list of my stuff down there somewhere.

Alternatively, you can view the "text only" page, by clicking here:


There are stories with elements of death and suicide merely because they were initially writing assignments for an english class. I just thought I've spent too much time on them and that it deserves a little public eye and critique. Feel free to browse and make comments!